Romenia is the country that is attributed to Romenia, whose name has always meant many meanings to us, as it means distinctive places, and its people who are all that is left of Eastern Europe are the originality and originality of its vocabulary that was able to attract attention to it after the release of many series that bear The name of the capital of Romenia is Bucharest, as it is located in the north of the Balkan Island, as well as it is bordered to the south by Bulgaria, and from the north by Ukraine, and from the east it overlooks the Black Sea, which has long sparked widespread controversy around it.
It is worth noting that Romenia is the country that joined the European Union in the year 2007 AD, so let’s talk about this beautiful country that everyone has always dreamed of knowing its most prominent tourist features and backgrounds, so Arab travelers give you a lot of information about it, follow us.

Amazing information about Romenia

Romenia was named by this name, attributed to its affiliation with the Romens, as it follows the secular system in religion, and there are many secrets that concern many tourists visiting Romenia, so let us know the most important information through the next few lines.

The language of Romenia

  • The Romenian language is one of the national and national languages ​​of Romenia, and speakers of other languages ​​including italyn, French and Spanish can also speak, while we find that the English language is one of the languages ​​used in the major cities of Romenia.
  • The residents of Romenia respect their language speakers and try to communicate with them and help them, since they know their language.
  • Young people speak different languages ​​in Romenia, among them French, Spanish and others, but the primary language is Romenian.

The most prominent tourist places

If you are looking for a place where you enjoy the calm, magic, beauty and comfort that the most beautiful places of tourism in Romenia desire and which qualify you psychologically for the continuation of life in a beautiful and new spirit, those areas that you can visit are what make you a person who is able to challenge, so let us know those Areas through the next few lines.

  • One of the most important tourist areas that tourists in Romenia visit from all sides MaldivesAs it is a chain of islands that extend from the Dester River to the mountains of the Cardadas, it is worth noting that most of the inhabitants of this island owe religion to Islam, but they allow freedom to convert to religions, as well as it is located in eastern Romenia.
  • As well as Constanta Which is considered one of the most prominent cities of the Romen Emperor, it includes the most magnificent tourist resorts that show the best and finest enchanting scenery that Ein can see, as well as it contains many historical and recreational landmarks that symbolize Romen history, among which the Maritime Museum, a beach Mamaia, it overlooks the Black Sea.
  • As for the Tourism in Cebu It is represented by being the center that connects many parts of Romenia, which expresses European culture, and which includes many tourist attractions that many tourists from around the world aspire to know, as Cebu City includes the lying bridge, the Natural History Museum, as well About the Lutheran cathedral.

Dear reader, we have presented many attractive archaeological and tourist features on Romenia that have long been brought to the attention of the world with their distinguished places and ideological freedom in choosing religion, as well as the history and civilization that it has enjoyed since the era of the Romen Empire, which was printed on Romenia, the wonderful specifications that made it accepted by tourism on World level.

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