Considered Baghdad Street One of the most famous and ancient streets of Istanbul at all, as it is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, it is located within the boundaries of the municipality of Kadikoy, and thus it is located in the face of the Independence Street located in the European part of Istanbul, and this street extends for a distance of about 6 km, from the area Bustanji through Even the Keys Toprak region, along this street, there are rivers, and prayer places dating back to the Ottoman era are spread.

Baghdad Street in Istanbul:

Baghdad Street flourished during the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, as this street was a major center for the establishment of the wealthy classes, as senior statesmen and pashas during this period were racing to purchase lands in the Kadikoy region in order to build their palaces and build their homes in the vicinity of the Sultan’s palace, and that In order to get closer to him, however, to this day, only a few numbers remain of those palaces, and tourists always crowd this street especially in the summer days, because it is a multi-purpose street, as it is an ideal destination for those who love shopping, because it offers a selection of The best and most famous Turkish and international brands in The fashion, it is also known for the presence of many restaurants offering competent local Turkish cuisine, and has its many cafes and bars that do not close their doors during the hours of the day and night.

History of Baghdad Street in Istanbul:

Baghdad Street or as the Turks call it Bağdat Caddesi and it is considered one of the most beautiful and finest streets and tourist places in the city of Istanbul, as it attracts many tourists and visitors every year, because life has another meaning in terms of noise and congestion, and the history of the establishment of this street dates back to the seventeenth century when Sultan Murad IV seized the rule of the Ottomans and his control of the city of Baghdad, and at this time he crowned his great victory, so he chose the most prominent military and commercial street in the city of Turkey to be called the Baghdad Street.
This street is characterized by the presence of a number of shops that carry the finest and most important local and international brands, in which all kinds of goods such as clothes, accessories and shoes are sold, and touring this street is one of the unique and unique experiences, and despite the length of this street, its visitors do not feel tired, as there are places available Dedicated to sit where you can rest on any of the wooden benches spread along this street, and it is possible to purchase any simple candy that street vendors sell along the street.

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Baghdad Street extends parallel to the sea coast, as it starts from the municipality of Kadikoy, at a distance of 14 km to the municipality of Maltepe, and this street is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Turkey, as it is located in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul, which is located in the Asian section of the city, and no less important This street is about the importance of the well-known Independence Street, which is located in the European section of the city.

The best possible activities to do Bashar Baghdad Istanbul:

  • Touring the middle of Baghdad Street is considered a pleasure in itself, as this street is full of life, with many passers-by and crowded with tourists, it is possible to walk for a long time in this street without feeling bored or tired.
  • It is possible to buy any goods or products from any of the shops spread along this street, which is one of the finest shops in Istanbul.
  • It is possible to sit some time in any of the restaurants or cafes on the street and eat the delicious Turkish food and drinks, and it is possible to buy delicious Turkish sweets that street vendors sell on Baghdad Street.
  • It is possible to go to the Bostangi Lunapark, which is located near Baghdad Street, so it is advised to visit it with children in order to enjoy the games and many of the adventures and electric entertainment in the clubs.
  • On this street many events and activities are held on national occasions and holidays, as there are huge numbers of sports fans at the times of Turkey League matches.

The best hotels in Baghdad Street in Istanbul Turkey:

  • Hotel A11 hotel :

This Guztepe hotel is located just one kilometer from the Istanbul Museum. It is close to the Florence Nightingale Hospital and it is close to the galleries. It is also 6 km from Emaar Square Shopping Center. This hotel operates 24 hours in addition to concierge services. By providing mobile reservation service and organizing tours, free breakfast is provided and free Wi-Fi is available in public areas, and it also provides free valet parking service, the hotel has 16 rooms, all rooms have all the amenities available, as the room has a seating area, an electric kettle, and there is a TV And a small refrigerator and the number of m Water bottles free of charge in addition to a number of hair dryers.

  • Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia:

This hotel is considered one of the most suitable for families, as it is located in the entertainment area, 5 km from Orker Sports Arena and 10 km from Florence Nightingale Hospital. The hotel has three restaurants, two outdoor swimming pools, and it also has an integrated spa, and provides Free Wi-Fi, there is an indoor pool in the hotel and a fitness center that works throughout the day, and there is a bar next to the pool, and the number of rooms in the hotel is 238, rooms have free Wi-Fi and each room has a TV screen, a mini fridge and bathtubs in addition to separate shower facilities.

  • Bay Hotel Hotel:

This hotel is suitable for families. It is located in the business district. It is 5 km from Istanbul Toy Museum, and 10 km from Cappuccino Mall. The hotel has two restaurants and an indoor pool. It also has a health club and provides free Wi-Fi and valet parking. There is a business center, cafeteria and sauna, and the hotel number is 182 and contains fireplaces and free internet and garage service, and each room has a minibar in addition to many other services provided.

  • Hilton Istanbul Kozyatagi Hotel:

It is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in Baghdad Street, it is located in Kadikoy and away from the Optimum Center at a distance of one kilometer, and away from the Ulker Sports Stadium and Istanbul Games Museum at a distance of 5 km, the hotel has three restaurants and a spa and has an indoor pool, it also has free Wi-Fi, a health club and service Valet parking, the number of rooms in the hotel is 320 rooms, each room has a minibar, coffee maker, TV screen and Wi-Fi.

  • Rees Hotel Bostanci:

This health hotel is located in Bostanib, 2 km from Istanbul Music Museum, the hotel has a full spa service and in the common area tea and coffee are served, it also has a restaurant and buffet for breakfast, it has massage and treatment rooms and free Wi-Fi, and contains 50 rooms All of them have all comforts such as electric kettles, refrigerators, televisions and hair dryers.

  • Sawadee Hotel:

This hotel is suitable for families located close to the beach, 3 km from Istanbul Games Museum. The hotel has two restaurants, 2 bars and a number of lounges. It also has free Wi-Fi, car parking, and has three cafes, a fitness center and a meal shop. Light and cafeteria, the hotel has 156 rooms, all equipped with the latest amenities from satellite TVs, minibars, free newspapers and free Wi-Fi.

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