Namibia is located in the southwest of the African continent on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, bordered to the north by Zambia and Angola to the east by Botswana and then to South Africa to the south. Namibia was a former German colony before the League of Nations mandated South Africa for it after the First World War. Namibia gained independence from South Africa in 1990. It is now an independent multi-party state with a democratic political system. It is considered one of the wonderful tourist destinations in the African continent, where it is famous for being a destination for lovers of wild nature and safari trips. It also has many national parks and wildlife reserves, and for these reasons Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen Namibia for their honeymoon.

Tourism in Namibia

The nature of Namibia
Tourism in Namibia is one of the main sources of income, receiving annually about one million tourists, a third of them are from South Africa and the rest from European countries, the most important of which is Germany, Britain, Italy and France. Namibia relies on eco-safari tourism and ranks fifth in the world as the best tourist destination for safari. While Arabs accept safari trips in African countries such as Morocco, Kenya and South Africa, only a few are heading to Namibia because the information available on this country is not sufficient to make a decision and for some people to think that it may represent risks to the tourist, which is an incorrect impression. It is one of the most stable and secure African countries.

The capital is Windhoek

Windhoek, Namibia

And Namibia has great tourist places starting from the capital, Windhoek, which is characterized by its modern atmosphere, in addition to its natural beauty. The capital has a number of high-class hotels and restaurants that offer the best dishes, as well as fast food shops and cafes. There is also the National Museum, which introduces visitors to the ancient history of Namibia. As for shopping and buying beautiful souvenirs from local and handmade products, you should go to the Kate Uetura store and the mall on Post Street.

Itosa National Park

Namibia SafariItucha National Park is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Namibia and is located in the northwest of the country. It was declared a nature reserve in 1907 because of the beautiful wild animals it contains such as zebras, deer, elephants and other rare animals such as black rhinoceros. There are also species of birds and reptiles in addition to a group of beautiful marine creatures such as fish and amphibians. The Itoha Reserve also has a unique vegetation with famous savanna trees.

Skelton Coast

Skeleton CoastNamibia is characterized by its wonderful beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The Skeleton Coast, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers, is one of the most beautiful, with smooth golden sand on its flanks. The shore is a graveyard for several ships due to strong winds and fog at many times of the year. It is intended for nature lovers and photography alike because of its charming nature and the possibility of taking fictional pictures.

Fish River Groove

Wade Fish RiverOne of the important tourist attractions in Namibia is the Fish River Furrow as it is the second largest gully in the world after the Grand Canyon in America. Tourist trips to the groove are organized every year in the winter, that is, between May and September, because the summer temperature is very high, which makes the task almost impossible.

Ibuba Falls

Ibuba, Namibia waterfallsThe Ibuba Waterfalls are one of the most important natural tourist destinations in Namibia and located on the border with Angola. Visitors can do many activities such as a balloon trip to take aerial photos of this stunning landscape, and you can get a wonderful view of the waterfall around the valleys and mountains like the famous Brandberg Mountain. And near the waterfalls of Ibuba, the Namibian desert is inhabited by living creatures, especially reptiles, and it can be camped to spend a wonderful night under the moon and the stars, and to eat charcoal grilled food while listening to music and watching traditional Namibian antique dances.

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