Bintan Island

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Bintan Island

Bintan Island is one of the islands of the Riau archipelago located in Indonesia, and the area of ​​this island is approximately 2.402 square kilometers, and its population is approximately a quarter of a million people. This island is known as one of the most famous tourist islands in Indonesia, as it was known to be a commercial center Important in the early third century AD, as it is located on the road between the countries of India and China, which are two of the most important trading countries in the region.

Details about Bintan Island

This island is located in the southern side of the island of Malayo located near Malaysia, and Bintan Island is classified as the largest island in the Riau Archipelago, and this archipelago contains 3200 islands, and there are two important ports on this island are Bandar Bintan Tilani Port and Penang Tanjung Port, and Singapore is the closest city For the island, the journey from the island to Singapore does not take more than fifty minutes, and it is possible to move from this island and go to the sea by using the ferry that leaves the ports located in Singapore or in the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru or through the port located in Batam Al Ndonisah, and know this island as an important tourist place, Preparing visitors have still in the growing year after year because of its many advantages, wherein many hotels, beaches, and lots of luxury resorts, and the environmental landscape where great attracts tourists from all the world to see and enjoy it.

The most important tourism activities on the island

Some of these activities include:

  • Visit the Penang Tanjung Island Center: In this place, visitors can get acquainted with the local culture of the local people, they can also wander in the area and shop from many stores specialized in providing artistic works and many traditional handicrafts, and they can also visit the capital of this island “Yinang Tanjung” and tour it.
  • Tanjung Oban Tourism: This town is the second most important town on this island, as it has many beautiful scenery such as platform houses that exist along the coast, as well as many shops and restaurants, and a local market that provides all kinds of tropical fruits.
  • Visit to the Sultan Rayo Grand Mosque: This mosque is one of the most important means of attraction on the island, it was built in the year 1812 AD, and it is distinguished that this mosque was built using eggs, in that period the production of eggs on the island increased, so the residents mixed the egg whites with sand and lime to construct this distinguished mosque, and what really distinguishes it It is still standing despite the passage of all this period of time.
  • Diving practice: On the island there are many diving trips, discovering the seas and watching its amazing beauty. In these trips, the excess manages to see the beautiful coral reefs and many distinct marine plants and different fish.


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