What is the capital of Chad

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N’Djamena, the capital of Chad

N’Djamena or N’Djamena is the capital of the Republic of Chad, which has an estimated population of 721,000, according to statistics and studies of the 2005 census. It was previously called the name of Lamy, and overlooks Lake Chad located in the southern part of the country.

The history of N’Djamena

Commander Emile Jeannet built on May 29, 1900 A.D. Military tools and purposes, and the airport was bombed in 1942 by the German fighter, which led to the destruction of fuel tanks and the bombing of ten aircraft, and in 1950 AD the city received the first bank branch belonging to the Bank of West Africa.

N’Djamena named

President Francois Tombalbay named the city N’Djamena on the sixth day of April of the year 1973 AD, and the name is considered of Arabic origin, as it means we rested, it was taken from recuperation, and the reason for changing the term is due to the Chadian dialect dialect.

Economy in N’Djamena

N’Djamena is the largest city in Chad, and it is a place of attraction for all Chadians wishing to practice a practical, commercial and economic life. Charles de Gall Street is a prominent and important commercial center for the Chadian capital, as it contains airlines, offices and foreign embassies, and special grocery stores for Egyptians or Lebanese, Or the French, in addition to containing a Chinese restaurant, an airport, and a mosque built by King Faisal Al Saud.

Education in N’Djamena

The city of N’Djamena contains two important universities: the University of N’Djamena that teaches curricula and curricula in the French language, and King Faisal University in Chad that teaches the curricula in the Arabic language, and this university is considered one of the most powerful academic universities, and this is why there is an increasing growth in the number of students each year, headed by Professor Dr. Chadian Abdul Rahman Al-Mahi specialized in Islamic civilization.

The language in N’Djamena

The people of Chad speak the Arabic language alongside the French language, and it is easy to learn and know the language of the inhabitants of N’Djamena, provided they recognize the distinctive words used in their tongues.

The natural resources of N’Djamena

The well water in Chad is one of the purest waters in the African continent, so there is no problem in drinking its water, and it imports most of the goods and foodstuffs needed by the city’s residents from the neighboring countries of the Republic of Chad such as Nigeria and Cameroon, and there is a large percentage of Egyptian and Libyan food products in the city .


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