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Brazilian Snake Island

Snake Island is located 90 kilometers from the coast of the state of “São Paulo” in Brazil, and it is a small island with an area of ​​about 10 acres, and it is also called “Ella Kemada Grande” island, which was connected to the land before it was separated from it, before about 11 thousand years.

If we look at the island from a distance, we find it an island that is very calm and beautiful, but it is actually quite the opposite, since many poisonous and deadly snakes live in it, by five snakes per square meter, and this is why it is called the Snake Island, as it is not suitable for living, just as The Brazilian Navy prevented tourists from reaching it, due to the severity of the place there, with the exception of some scientists who need special approval, to carry out scientific studies on those snakes, their toxins, and their way of life, in addition to this, this island does not contain any types of mammals. Since the snakes rose By eliminating it completely.

Description of Ela Kemada Grande snakes

The number of snakes that live in this island reaches about four thousand snakes, which are among the most dangerous types of snakes in the world, because they carry the strongest and most dangerous types of toxins, as they are able to kill two people at the same time, and examples include: golden snakes are among the most dangerous The species that exist in our world, as the effectiveness of their poison ranges between 3-5 times as compared to other toxins, it is able to dissolve the area that surrounds the place of the bite, and there is no treatment for it to this day, as it is responsible for the death of 90% of deaths resulting from bites. Snakes in Brazil.

These snakes feed on migratory birds, which take this island as a place to rest in it during their migration, and given that it is an island free from humans, it has been able to seize it and breed freely in it, as it lays about fifty eggs at a time, and its length is Faisal To about two meters.

Stories happened on the island =

  • One of the enterprising fishermen went to gold, and upon his arrival near him, he lost control of his boat, then he drifted towards the island and could not get out of it, then was found dead in a pool of blood, and his body was full of snake bites.
  • There was a guard in which he lived with his family, and one day snakes crawled and entered their home from everywhere and they fled in fear, and later were found dead, and their bodies were scattered all over the island.

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