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Tourism in Britain

Britain, which includes four countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, offers an unforgettable experience for visitors, as there are many distinctive tourist places, which enable the tourist to enjoy its wonderful mountains, charming beaches, impregnable forts, and beautiful palaces, in addition to this, The tourist can shop and buy gifts and souvenirs from the huge shopping centers located in it, and it is worth noting that Britain received 29.8 million tourist trips to England only, and statistics indicate that what was spent by tourists during their tourism in British cities in 2014 is approximately 19 £ 1 billion.

The most prominent tourist cities in Britain


London is one of the most attractive British cities for tourists, as the number of tourists arriving in 2013 reached about 16,784,000 tourists, as the city includes many tourist attractions such as: London Aquarium, London Eye, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Tower of Shard, Big Ben , Buckingham Palace, and the nationalities of the tourists who come to it are different. Tourists come from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, the United States, and other European Union countries.


Luton is one of the tourist cities in Britain, and it is famous for its summer festival that includes many events, despite its short duration that does not exceed two days only, during which the tourists can enjoy interactive games, rap music, watching drummers, children’s street theater, and circus shows. People can also participate in dances, and lots of other activities.

Tourist attractions in Britain

Among the most prominent tourist attractions in Britain:

  • National Gallery of London: The exhibition includes several wonderful art paintings that display artworks of famous art, such as: Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Turner, and others. This exhibition provides tourists with free guided tours, and several activities for children suitable for different ages, and entry to this exhibition is free throughout the year.
  • Westminster Palace: Westminster Palace on the northern bank of the Thames is a place where the House of Lords and the British House of Commons meet.


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