Capitals of the Arab Maghreb countries

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Maghreb countries

The five Arab Maghreb countries: Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Mauritania have a great and great place among the rest of the Arab world and the African world, due to the many advantages they enjoy. Many cities located in these countries have a great position as well, and on top of these cities are the capitals of these countries, which are known as the capitals of the countries of the Arab Maghreb, and the following is a summary of these capitals.

Capitals of the Arab Maghreb countries


Tunis is the capital of the state of Tunisia, and it is located in the north of the country, within the region overlooking the Gulf of the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Tunis is the largest city in terms of population, as well as being the most important economic center in the country. The administrative city of Tunis belongs to the governorate of Tunis.

The city of Tunis is characterized by its important tourist and archaeological sites. Perhaps the most prominent of these landmarks are: the Zaytouna Mosque, the Bardo Museum, the Bab el-Bahr site, the accuracy of the archaeological site, and other landmarks.


The city of Algiers is located in the state of Algeria, where it overlooks the Mediterranean Gulf on its western side, and it belongs from the administrative point of view to the state of Algeria, and this city is considered the center of the country in terms of: economic, social, and the largest city in terms of population. Among the most prominent landmarks of the city of Algeria: the shrine of the martyr, the garden of experiments, the sable, or the eastern seafront, shops of traditional products, churches, the Kasbah, and many other monuments.

The city of Rabat

The city of Rabat is located in the Kingdom of Morocco, where it is considered the official capital of the country, and it is a city with a distinguished strategic location, as it overlooks the Atlantic coast, within a distinct coastal area. Rabat is famous for being one of the most important centers of the textile industry, besides that, the city ranked second on the list of the best tourist destinations in the year two thousand and thirteen AD, and perhaps the most prominent tourist attractions in this city: Kasbah of the Udayas, the Hassan Tower, Shala, and Andalusian Gardens, And others.

The city of Nouakchott

It is the official capital of the Arab state of Mauritania, and it is a city of the West African coast overlooking the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The city of Nouakchott is distinguished as one of the largest cities in the Sahara Desert, and it is the most important center in both economic and administrative terms in the state of Mauritania. One of the most famous features of this city is the beach, which is considered one of the most distinguished beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The city of Tripoli

This city is considered the capital of the state of Libya, as it is located in the northwestern region of the country, and it is famous for being the bride of the Mediterranean Sea, due to its striking beauty, as it is also called the West Tripoli, so that it is known when it is mentioned, due to the presence of another city with the same name in the Levant. And specifically in Lebanon.

The Libyan city of Tripoli is famous for its important landmarks, among which we mention: the Red Serail, the old city, the Islamic Museum, the Marcus Aurelius arch, the People’s Palace, and many other monuments.


The capital of the island of Malta

The capital of the State of Oman


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