Sochi city and resort, Black Sea Bride, is located in Krasnodar Krai, north of the southern Russian border. The city stretches along the coast of the Black Sea, and in front of the background of the generalized peaks of snow in the Caucasus Mountains, and is famous for its picturesque nature, especially at the junction of high mountains with sand beaches.

The large city of Sochi is divided into 4 regions: Adler, Kostinsky, Central and Lazorevsky, all of which together form the largest spa complex in Russia. The city can be considered a large hotel that receives around 100,000 people at the same time, and the number of those who choose the city as a resort is approximately 5 million people per year.
Located in a subtropical zone, Sochi is a popular resort that is very popular with Russian citizens. It has changed significantly in recent years.

The first thing that a visitor in Sochi feels is the calm that imposes itself throughout, a lull which is full of stunning landscapes from high mountains and specialized resorts that offer visitors a lot of various medical treatments because Sochi contains many mineral springs and therapeutic muds useful for many skin and orthopedic diseases. . Perhaps the advantage of moving between the Black Sea beach and the summit of the mountains during a quick period of time is one of the most important advantages that Sochi provides to its visitor.

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