Dammam is one of the most important cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the main sea port in the eastern region, in addition to that it includes charming beaches as it contains a number of luxury complexes and popular markets, and today we will address the cheap markets in Dammam

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Hayat Plaza Complex Market:

Cheap markets in DammamThe section devoted to school supplies for children, such as pens and school bags in the Hayat Mall, in Al-Hayaz Plaza, Hayat Plaza is located on King Saud Street, and contains a lot of things that society needs in practical life, and it is considered one of the most dense markets because of its prices, it is one of the cheapest markets in Dammam and one of the largest malls It includes many stores for women’s and men’s and men’s clothing, detergents and perfumes, shoes and food foods and consumer goods and stores devoted to selling fabrics and evening dresses and the best stores for selling Gulf and Moroccan Jalabiyah, simply all that is needed in the home. Dah in one place and the cheapest prices that are affordable for everyone as exists by the best shops running on the sale of mobile phones and all electronic devices and the cheapest price, which is a wonderful shopping option where combines fun shopping and forget to visit the magnificent coral island in Dammam

Al Haram Plaza Market:

Cheap markets in Dammam
Al Haram Plaza Market is crowded with shoppers to buy their supplies with the lowest prices. Al Haram Plaza Market is considered one of the largest and most important commercial centers that provide quality products with discounted prices. It is one of the cheapest markets in Dammam and therefore it is desirable by housewives in particular, the complex includes a lot of oriental products that belong to women and men, it is A great place for entertainment and shopping with the testimony of many people who visited and learn about the cheap prices that you are in. The market is located in Al-Anoud neighborhood, Prince Nayef Road, and it is distinguished by the fact that it meets all the requests of the buyer, especially clothing. It contains shops starting with men’s clothes Women’s clothes and trousers, shirts, Albulaaz and children’s clothing and access to supplies and clothing infant bottles and beds for young and tools bathing their own, as has its largest stores for the sale of gold, which suit all tastes and it is one of the largest cheap markets in Dammam.

Sable Central Market:

Cheap markets in DammamDistinctive and modern assortment of children’s clothing in the central Sable Market, this market is a center for saving money where cheap prices, all supplies and the best products are available. The Sable Market is located on Prince Nayef Street 42, and a branch on Commercial Street 91. The market includes a unique and diverse assortment of women’s clothing, men’s and shirts Abayas and clothes for youth and children, in addition to offers and discounts offered by Sable Market, one of the cheap markets in Dammam that specializes in clothes. Enjoy visiting the most beautiful tourist places in Dammam for families

Al-Othaim Mall:

Cheap markets in DammamShoppers wandered in Othaim Mall to spend their needs Food commodities and antiques are moderately priced, in addition to a variety of restaurants and entertainment city Sfory Land, which is considered one of the best entertainment cities in Saudi Arabia, and thus you have a shopping and fun trip at one time and one place for you and your children. Al-Othaim Mall consists of three different floors on each floor. Many of the shops where you will inevitably find everything that comes to your mind and more.

Dareen Mall:

Cheap markets in DammamDareen Mulli, Dareen Mall is located in the most living areas where there are many residents, which is the Aziziyah neighborhood near the Corniche on the Gulf region, its location near the Corniche made it a favorite shopping destination for many of the people of Dammam and its neighboring cities and foreign tourists, it is one of the best destinations for recreational tourism and shopping together That mall was created on the largest area in Dammam, with an area of ​​more than 59 square meters, touring Dareen Mall alone is a pleasure, it is an integrated place, the beginning of multiple stores that contain everything you want from clothes, shoes, perfumes, gold stores, a sports store and a hypermarket (Panda). Even restaurants To serve the tastiest international and fast food and cafes where you can sip Arabic coffee or other hot and cold drinks to enjoy a temporary break to complete the rest of the enjoyable shopping trip in one of the best and cheapest markets in Dammam

The popular women market:

Cheap markets in DammamThe vendors display their goods on the stands in the old popular women market, a market where great purchasing power meets for the goods it provides at affordable prices at the disposal of everyone and one of the most important commodities available in the women market is one of the most important cheap markets in Dammam (perfumes, women’s accessories, cosmetics, women’s clothing and clothes Men and children, shoes and bags) are all at wholesale prices. The market is located in the middle of King Saud Street near the Seko building. As for buying children’s supplies, especially with entering schools, in the south of that market are separated by only one public street. There is another market in which all the libraries are stationed. And a junction for the sale of school supplies from Rkiet, brochures and books also Gerha.aqro: Cheap hotels in Dammam ..

Love Market:

Cheap markets in DammamThe Love Market is a savings and shopping center. Going towards saving and shopping from the Love Market where you can find all the supplies at the lowest prices. The love market is filled with one of the cheap markets in Dammam with multiple stores selling home and individual needs at wholesale prices, there you will find workshops to detail the most beautiful and finest models at the lowest cost and shops selling cosmetics and decorations Accessories and stores with the finest types of fabrics and perfume and shoe stores. As for clothes, pants, shirts, tops, women’s and men’s gowns and children’s clothes are available with the finest materials and the lowest prices, in addition to shops selling oud, incense and perfume, with a rug. You’ll find everything you think of love to buy it in the market at unbeatable prices

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