What is Atlantis Dubai and what are its most important activities

المسافرون العرب

What is Atlantis Dubai, a question that may come to mind when you hear about this wonderful place, during your first visit to that charming city, today we will talk to you through Arab travelers, about this dazzling resort, in 2008 AD was its opening, and it is located in the middle of Jumeirah Island .
If we talk about this hotel, we will find that it contains 1539 rooms designated for the reception of citizens, and those rooms are distinguished by a distinct design, it reflects the myth that relates to the fictional story of Atlantis Island, which was written down through Plato.
The cost of the official opening of the hotel amounted to about $ 20 million, and fireworks of 3.1 miles were launched, and on the outside of the hotel a number of various images are displayed, indicating the Nasimi Beach which is held within a number of different concerts, and the huge Aquaventure Water Park, and individuals can Visit them during their stay in the hotel. We will talk in some detail in the following lines about what is Atlantis Dubai, so follow us.

What is Atlantis Dubai and what are its most important activities

  • This resort is characterized by elegance, luxury, and is one of the most famous resorts and hotels within the city of Dubai, it provides comfort and luxury, and through it you can experience the most wonderful unique experiences, and explore the aquatic life.
  • It has 21 marine basins connected to the lost rooms “Lost Chambers”, which are mazes of various internal roads and corridors, which exist under the water, and going to these rooms makes you travel with time on a trip to the legendary city of Atlantis.
  • The hotel also has a water games city that can accommodate 5,000 people, or more, per day.
  • Also, this place has 27 treatment rooms specialized in the health club.
  • We find that this resort is home to 65 thousand or more fish, and various aquatic life.

Information about Atlantis Dubai

  • It is the first resort to be built on the Palm Island, which is one of the largest artificial islands in the world, and the evaluation of this hotel has reached a five-star luxury.
  • It receives guests from about 227 different countries and regions, as it attracts the attention of tourists to it, because of its great luxury, and prices that suit all people.
  • This hotel is distinguished by its amazing architectural design and its area is equivalent to 64 football fields, it is approximately 46 hectares.
  • And if we talk about the Royal Suite, which overlooks Atlantis, we will find that the cost of one night in it reaches 27000 dollars, and its area is 924 cubic meters.
  • This hotel owns the best and most brilliant chefs who serve different foods to guests, as it includes about 23 restaurants.
  • As guests enter the hotel’s lobby, they can see these exquisite decorative details. They place a large sculpture containing three thousand colored glass pieces, which were handcrafted.

What’s in Atlantis, Dubai

Due to the presence of this hotel at the barrier at Palm Jumeirah, access to it is through an underwater tunnel, which is considered on a railway line. The costs of this hotel amounted to about 1200 million dollars, and it is distinguished by its wonderful and distinctive shape, as it is in the form of two towers that were connected by a bridge
The hotel has many different recreational activities, including a water pool, swimming training with dolphins, dining in the most luxurious international restaurants, with visiting the various stores available there, shopping through them, and others.
There are many dazzling synthetic objects belonging to the legendary Atlantis, and you can see them from under the water, through squares and roads behind the glass, which are different paths and tunnels, located below the ground.
It was called Atlantis because it derives from the word sunken city, that is, it fell deep into the ocean.
And if you want to know more information about this wonderful hotel, and book online, you have to enter on their website, and see all the activities and services in it, through this link.
You can also contact hotel officials on the phone +97144262000
You will be able to contact them at the following e-mail [email protected]

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