Cities of Nepal

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Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, and the largest municipality in it, and one of the most important tourist cities in the country, a city with a long history, as it dates back more than two thousand years ago, and the population of Kathmandu is 98.5000 people, according to estimates in two thousand and eight Ten, most of the city’s residents owe Hindu and Buddhist religions, and most of them speak the Nepalese language.


Birgunj, which is located in southern Nepal, specifically in Narayani district, one hundred and eighty kilometers south of the capital Kathmandu is the main commercial center in Nepal, and it is also the fourth largest city in the country, and the largest city in the Narayani and Terai region, and has established the city Prime Minister Rana III Bir Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven, and Birgunj is home to 207980 people, according to the census of two thousand eleven, and most of its population speaks the original Bhojpuri language.


Pokhara, which is located in Kasky district, is the second largest city in Nepal, with a population of 353,841 people. Pokhara has become the tourism capital of Nepal since the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight, and the city includes many temples dating back to the Middle Ages, Buddhist temples and modern Hinduism are among the most important temples in which are the Pokhara Shanti Stupa World Peace Temple which was built in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, and the Temple of Barahi.


Lalitpur, or Patan, is located in central Nepal, specifically in the Kathmandu Valley near the Pagmati River, approximately five kilometers southeast of Kathmandu. The city was established by King Faradiva in the year two hundred and ninety-nine A.D. and cultivates wheat, fruit, and barley. And vegetables and rice, and is known for its craftsmen in general, and in particular it is known for its metalworkers and wood carvers, and lives in Lattipur city 226,728 people according to estimates of two thousand and eleven.


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