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Even in the Swiss competitive wealth of amazing scenes, cheeses, delicious chocolate and world-class medical resorts, the canton of Graubünden is still prominent. This canton, famous for being the greatest canton of the Swiss Alps, boasts spectacular scenery, bright green valleys, snow-covered peaks, and sparkling alpine lakes.

One spends days walking between the rocky valleys of the Rhine Valley, eating delicious selections of local dishes complimented by the performers of Michelin-starred chefs, or riding a train that penetrates the icy beauty so beautiful that it is well-deservedly among the most scenic train trips in the world.

Of course, in a place where everything that appears prominent is somehow attracted to this Canton, it is therefore not surprising either that it hosts many natural springs famous for its healing properties. Indeed, according to legends, the thermal water in Graubunden can correct everything. Those who believe in it will tell you stories about people who have kept their youth, about healing with rheumatic diseases, and about the recovery of people who have metabolic disorders. It is a habitat for legends, if you like.

Spread over Graubünden, Bad Ragaz, Waltz, St. Moritz and Skull each have their own charming little elements that attract visitors from far away and come to test these elements with all their splendor.

Bad Ragaz

Dealing with water - Dealing with water

As one of the most respected luxury resorts in the world hosts the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the international reputation of Bad Ragaz is forged when Russian nobles and the world’s rich come to indulge in the healing thermal springs of the Tamina Valley, embraced by the beautiful resort town as a plate.

The story of the discovery of the Tamina Valley dates back to the Middle Ages when monks discovered steam emitted from the depths of its rifts. At first, steam was mistaken for a dragon breathing, but as soon as these myths were disproved, the healing effects of thermal water were exposed. As the physician, physicist, and philosopher, Brackelsus, acknowledged that the place was suitable for treatment, the first patients were found hard-wired in ropes baskets and were spending weeks immersed in water trying to cure their diseases. Later, baths were built and the era of recreational tourism began in Bad Ragaz.

Those who do not wish to hang in a rush (it is no longer possible in reality), then choose to shower in the waters of Tamina Thermae – a bright white temple of glass, water and light fog. As it includes several pools to enjoy, it is worth a visit to see the “sauna art” which the locals have mastered very well. Whether you choose to take a shower in the bubble beds or indulge in the rituals and recreations of the sauna village, a journey of water exploration awaits every jump in the water.

Instead, they stay at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – the best in rejuvenating with water. For the Swiss, it is a home away from home – it is the largest and most comprehensive resort in the country – a place to relax, eat well, shower and gossip in the sauna. For international visitors, it is a place to consult a team of 70 medical professionals and therapists on all aspects of wellness and water.

Regardless of your mandate, the water of the legendary fountain of the Tamina Valley is an integral part of every aspect of your stay. From flipping happily in one of the resort’s many pools to rejuvenating the body in the steam rooms, saunas and ice baths of the hotel’s thermal resort. For those who choose the luxurious suites of the resort, water connects them directly to their room. And of course, in a place where the pleasure increases, there is a water bar where a dedicated team of bartenders will assist you in choosing one of 30 types of available water including “Peniva Black Water” which contains the active carbon to stimulate detoxification and purify the body.

And in line with your quest for “ideal” health, you can enjoy a night at Memories, the signature restaurant of Sven and Asmar for excellent cuisine, which boasts two Michelin stars and 18 points from Go Meo. In celebration of the contemporary alpine cuisine, which draws inspiration from the forests, mountains and fields of the Swiss Alps, Asmar has benefited from the growing trend to healthy eating and drinking by offering a double-alcohol-free menu, one of the few restaurants that offer this experience.


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The mountain village of Vals is only an hour’s drive away, and is another haven for all things healing and water. Vals owes its innocence and diversity to the water forces that formed the steep mountain valley over millions of years, the most unique feature of which is the thermal water source of 30 degrees Celsius, which is the only source in Graubunden that stems (excuse the pun) directly from the ground.

While Valls is a pilgrimage to people from all over the world, the best way to immerse yourself in its miracle waters is the 7132 Therme designed by the great architect Peter Zumthor, Prizker Prize winner for architecture. The bathrooms here are built of a 300 million-year-old stone and 60,000 quartz slabs of Waltz, whose unique color and patterns date back to the ancient alpine composition. Soak yourselves in one of the six pools, including the ice pool, after a long stroll or warm up in the pool of fire, under a starry sky.

If the design world is tempting you, head to the 7132 hotel attached to the thermal baths. The hotel is often referred to as the “House of Architects”, and it is run by some of the world’s great people in their field. Take a shower in the Tom Maine stone resort with a pivot glass shower, and if you are fortunate enough to reserve a penthouse, you can enjoy stunning views of the Alps while bathing in the quartzite jacuzzi.

It also hosts 7132 Silver, an excellent cuisine restaurant that boasts two Michelin stars and 18 points from Go Meo. The master chef, Mitta Pirlo, nurtures a surprising menu of wild produce from herbs, fruits, local mushrooms and river fish brought from the highest mountains to create a masterpiece of both taste and presentation.

St. Moritz

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Many people don’t know this, but Graubunden is also home to the legendary and upscale village of St. Moritz. As St. Moritz does not need rendering, it is interesting that, before its star brightness, it was just a small town in the Engadin Valley that respected its charming waters before anything else.

From time immemorial, dating back to the Bronze Age, people have come here to indulge in mineral springs – the highest in Switzerland. The Celts knew that the water embraced the force. Or rather in the water lies healing, cleansing and other mysterious powers, and therefore, to get the maximum benefit from this liquid “gold”, they built in the year 1411 BC the first basin for spring water in the region. Of course, at the time, they didn’t know that iron-rich water was rich in calcium, sodium, and hydrogen carbonate ions. For them, it was only the patients who were healthy, the pain miraculously disappeared, and the suffering was alleviated.

And bathing happily in one of the many entertainment healing resorts to get here, especially in the thermal water of Lowavista Rooftop Spa, is where you can float without weight in the pleasant frothy waters of 36 degrees Celsius, while you drench the dark blue scenes of Lake St. Moritz .


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Not all great aspects are known, the Skull Thermal Baths are one of the best secrets of Graubunden.

The sun-drenched school is quietly located between the peaks of the Silvretta mountain range and the Engadin Dolomites. It is famous for its Romanian Irish baths and unique mineral springs. Aristocrats, authors, poets and the like have long made pilgrimages to this resort town since the middle of the thirteenth century AD.

Today, you can find precious mineral water in the historic drinking halls scattered along the Ein or in the Bogen Engadena bath, which combines two distinct European European baths, Roman and Irish. While the Romans swore with the comfortable properties of steam, the Irish believed in hot and dry air. Bugen interrogates Engiadina between the two rituals to create a single, healing water rite, the first in Switzerland.

In El-Shire …

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If you ever get tired of being bathed with imperial happiness, move to one of the sparkling alpine lakes of Graubunden, famous for its sparkling turquoise waters. Graubunden is famous for its sparkling lakeside valley, as it hosts at least 615 lakes including Postchiavo Lake, Davos Lake, Christa Lake, Ubersee Lake and many others.

And if the cold and swimming don’t fit together, indulge in the star of our show, Kumasi Lake – whose waters come from warm springs and punctuated by an island in the middle. Pretending to be one of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes, days can be spent relaxing on the beaches of turquoise waters surrounded by alpine forests. You can dive, paddle in one of the many boats, take a walk, or immerse in traditional dishes while sitting on the sunny terraces overlooking scenes of water fun behind them.

Sometimes enjoying leisure time in water-rich areas is better from afar, and in this case, they choose to board a train on the famous Bernina Express – this trip is the highest on Europe’s railways and arguably the most beautiful in the world. It connects the Swiss and Italian Alps, and railway enthusiasts can cross the bridges suspended over steep valleys, be amazed by the impeccable views of the glacial lakes, and feel the alariness of the marvel represented by the flowing glacier of Biz Palo. It is not difficult to see why part of the path (the Albula / Bernina Line) was awarded the World Heritage status by UNESCO.


Dealing with water - Dealing with water
Dealing with water

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Bad Ragaz

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St. Moritz

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In El-Shire …

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Laura Snook drinking and bathing for complete health in the waters of Graubunden, the most beautiful (and unknown) Canton Canton


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