One of the most famous Turkish villages that visitors and tourists who love rural beauty, tranquility and distance from the hustle and bustle life lies. A Polish village is located on the outskirts of Istanbul, called the Polonezköy. It is one of the most beautiful rural places in Istanbul and Turkey. This village has been inhabited for more than 150 years. General, that Polish village created by Polish immigrants who fled from the pursuit of Russian forces after the occuAl Bahahn of their country, where tourists and visitors from all over Europe intend to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere inside the village recently entered the village in the scope of halal tourism, where it is slaughtered in the way Because the village was islamic established and non-established Polish Muslims.

The village has preserved its beauty, its historical and cultural heritage, and its genetics for many years. A number of nationalities live in the village, such as the Turks, Arabs, Kurds, and some residents of the Balkans and Caucasus. The city Istanbul, on the borders of the Beykoz region, was established in 1842 by the Polish people as mentioned above.

The village is called polonezköy, the bologna dance, and the village is also known as Adampol, founded by Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski in 1842 who was the head of the Polish national uprising government and was a leader of political immigration and founded that village or settlement and the village was named Adamköy meaning the village of Adam in Turkish, converted to Islam in 1850, nicknamed in the name of Muhammad al-Sadiq Pasha, and bought areas of the village. At first, 12 people lived in the village. The first inhabitants of the village worked on agriculture and forestry (trees), but after the Polish independence in 1918, they returned to Poland and started a year ago. 1938 The village is used as a tourist landmark, where a number of world celebrities visited the village because of its very distinctive character from all villages since the years 1994-2000 Construction and prosperity for that village began. Presenting Polish parties and shows.

Inside the village are a number of small museums that have allowed residents to display and preserve their heritage, and there is a memorial, residents offer souvenirs to visitors, documents and books are sold, we find that houses and hotels have a very distinctive historical décor, the village is characterized by complete calm and away from the clamor …

Festivals and barbeque competitions are held in the village, where the food is characterized by the luxurious Ottoman method and the traditional Polish food slaughtered in the Islamic way, it also has a large swimming pool, natural pools and very beautiful councils in the village places to sell very distinctive souvenirs in the Ottoman Turkish style, you find in the village what visitors love when Visit Turkey, beauty and tranquility, souvenirs of a traditional Ottoman character, traditional Turkish food and barbecue competitions.

The village is one of the best places for tourists who like tranquility, and it is also very suitable for brides for a very pleasant honeymoon, especially during the cherry festival, as it is only 30 kilometers from Istanbul, you can go to visit the monuments and landmarks of Istanbul and return to the village again.

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