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Welcome to Dubai Airport , Marhaba Services Company, a subsidiary of Dnata Group, has launched a new online reservation facility that improves the convenience of its customers and improves the level of service they receive. This facility allows passengers through Dubai International Airport to book easily, quickly and efficiently and receive tickets and there is also an innovative waiting room.
This saves a lot of time for travelers and eliminates the need for reservations by going to the airport to pay for tickets, and the whole process can be completed in minutes with this online service.
This new reservation network service was developed and launched with the introduction of the dnata network services to meet the demands of its customers, who revealed the results of a recent questionnaire on a well-known site on the increased use of the Internet in booking seats on airplanes in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in recent years, and that the United Arab Emirates and the countries Arabic is one of the first countries to use the Internet.
The services of the hospitable staff trained on multiple backgrounds and languages, in a way that allows family travelers, VIPs, businessmen and chefs, whether they come to Dubai International Airport, departure or transit service (transit passengers) travel easily and comfortably, so enjoy the free travel experience to enjoy throughout Today all year long.
John Conway, Senior Vice President of Dnata Airport Operations, said: “We are delighted to offer our reservation service network and our unwavering commitment to providing the best technology to everyone and allowing all of our customers to call us and enjoy excellent service.

Welcome to Dubai Airport:

Travelers are increasingly demanding that they be given more ways to plan online travel, which has led to investment in this latest development of network services, to provide our customers with high-tech capabilities, quality and effective communication with us and access to our services.
It is also possible to book reception and assistance services and personal payment services in all travel offices and agents in dnata. Ian Andrew, Senior Vice President of Business Dnata Travel, said: “We always strive to provide our customers with great services, distinct levels and comfort.”
We have now equipped dnata travel services company with all the services needed to provide different types of innovative services under one name. This recent expansion in our services portfolio reflects our commitment to provide a full range of services to our customers quickly and efficiently so that they can enjoy the travel experience without any obstacles or problems.
Services that show the warmth of Arab hospitality. Welcome, dnata, who in turn is a member of the Emirates Group, and set it in December 1991 as a company traveling passengers private reception service through Dubai International Airport.
These services now extend to luxurious lounges, which can be used at reduced rates for all travelers, and services also include family-friendly programs, diamond services, and City Stop services. Hello also provides visas, flower delivery services and limousine services.

The Welcome service offers the following advantages:

  • Financial package: It is a complete set of services that include access to personal facilities, travel and exchange procedures upon arrival and departure, speed of visa provision and internal transport, free baggage service, Carthage service at Terminal 1 and a welcome hall for departing passengers, etc. … This service is ideal for young people traveling alone, elderly and disabled people.

“These service costs amount to approximately 150 dirhams per passenger in Building 1 and 100 dirhams per passenger in Building 2, additional costs that include the original cost, such as flowers and limousines.”
Book an HD package electronically or use the email / fax options to book the service.

  • Family Package: This package is identical to the diamond package and includes families that are hampered by access to personal facilities and exchange procedures for arrival and travel quickly and the provision of visas and transport of luggage Free service Cartage internal service in Building 1 and obtain a transport cart for children, costs are calculated on the basis of a maximum of 4 people from The same family will be charged an additional fee if there are more members of the same family, its cost is around 230 dirhams to building number 1 and 140 dirhams in building 2.

“Additional costs apply to the original text like” flowers and limousines “, book a family package or use e-mail and fax to book the service.”


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