Examples of archeology of ancient civilizations studied by archaeologists

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Archaeologists and archeologists

Archaeologists are the scholars who specialize in identifying the past regions of the world by studying the archeology left by the distant nations, and archeology as it is known is an important and sensitive science, but to this day and in our Arab world in particular, that importance that is commensurate with its size and importance has not been given, And the great benefit for the children of Adam.

Some regions of the world have captured the attention of archaeologists more than the rest of the regions. The regions that receive the most attention are the regions that have a long and civilizational history. Some regions are correct to be called the cradle of civilizations for the number and size of successive civilizations on their lands, hence It was necessary to pay attention to some archaeological sites in order to get acquainted with its past, and to understand it in an optimal and desired manner. Below are some of the most important examples of the most important archaeological sites that have received attention by specialists.

Examples of antiquities of ancient civilizations

Antiquities of the Levant

The Levant is divided into four countries in the modern era: Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon, where this region is considered one of the most important regions not only at the level of the Arab world, but also at the level of the whole world, due to its cultural richness and therefore archaeological, so this region has always been The focus of attention of archaeologists from all regions of the world.

The Levant region is characterized, in particular, and without other regions, by its civilizational religious history linked to the various monotheistic religions. Hence, archaeologists did not leave a religious teacher except and studied it, knowing its history and the extent of influence it played in the past.

Among the most prominent religious monuments in the Levant: the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Knesset: the Resurrection, the Nativity, the churches of cities: Nazareth, Madaba, Damascus, etc. , Yarmouk, Hittin, Ain Jalout and many other attractions.

The archaeological monuments in the Levant are not limited to the religious archaeological monuments, but also include the archaeological monuments belonging to the kingdoms and the states that successively over this land, and the greatest monuments of the Levant are the pink city of Petra, which belongs to the Nabatean state, and the effects of Jerash, which are due to many civilizations The ancient ones are Greek, Roman, and Islamic, the ruins of the Palmyra kingdom in Syria, the Roman, Canaanite, and Islamic monuments in Palestine, along with many other examples.

Antiquities of Egypt

Egypt has been known around the world because it contains a very large number of archaeological monuments. Egypt has imposed itself strongly on the international and scientific scene because of its ancient history extending for thousands of years. Egypt contains antiquities dating back to all civilizations that successively conquered its blessed land. Perhaps the most prominent of these effects: the three pyramids And that dates back to the Pharaonic era, and Al-Mu’izz Street for the Fatimid Religion of God which contains a large number of monuments dating back to the Islamic era, the Babylonian fortress that dates back to the Roman era, the effects of Luxor, and the castle of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi, along with many other examples.


Antiquities in Egypt

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