1- The Pump House Restaurant
The Pump House Restaurant and Bar relies on the redesigned design of a workshop dating back to 1890, as well as billiard tables from the Victorian era. The interior is decorated with oak furnishings and wood furnishings with low beams and comfortable decorations, while the restaurant itself overlooks the beautiful Chena River and offers stunning locations, whether in summer or winter.
Address: 796 Pump China Road, Fairbanks, Alaska, United States of America

Phone: +1 907 479 8452

2- Pike Landing
Attached to Pike Waterfront Lodge, Pike Landing is an upscale dining experience in Fairbanks. The restaurant hosts guests on the outdoor Al Bahah in the summer months, inviting them to enter the start of the mousse season, and the onset of winter weather, people away from cold weather. The restaurant may be popular for late Sunday brunch, as the rotating menu includes smoked seafood and cheese, as well as fine breakfast meats.
Address: 4438 Airport Road, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Phone: +1 907 479 6500

3- Lemon Grass restaurant for Thai cuisine
Lemon Grass Restaurant for Thai cuisine offers vibrant oriental flavors from Southeast Asia. Unlike many Thai restaurants, which offer a simple assortment of popular Chinese cuisine, Lemon Grass Restaurant for Thai cuisine only offers authentic Thai offerings. These include typical green, pink and yellow curry, as well as Thai noodle paad and noodle soup.
Address: 388 Old Pump China Road, Fairbanks, Alaska, United States of America
Phone: +1 907 456 2200

4- Wolf Run Restaurant
Wolf Run is a luxury dining-only restaurant and also a nutritionally sensitive food establishment, which prepares food in harmony with both the environment and digesting healthy meals. For those looking for a snack, there is also a selection of fresh sandwiches.
Address: Wolf Run Restaurant, 3360 Wolf Run, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Phone: +1 907 458 0636

5- Lavel Bistro Restaurant
Located in the center of Fairbanks, La Ville Bistro is a French-style restaurant, featuring multi-cuisine international cuisine. Main dinner dishes include half a roast duck, a rack of grilled lamb and big Alaskan crab legs; the restaurant also offers a range of different dishes of meat and seafood with the addition of some new flavors.
Address: La Ville Bistro Restaurant, 575 First Street, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Phone: +1 907 450 0555

6- Chatanica Lodge Restaurant
Located just outside Fairbanks, Chattaneka Lodge Restaurant is a hotel but slightly different. The attached bar and restaurant are decorated with artifacts in Alaska and open all year round. These artifacts include a selection of official memorabilia, as well as a classic car. The menu offers classic home-cooked food, freshly prepared to order every day.
Address: Chattaneka Lodge Restaurant, 5760 Estes Street, Fairbanks, Alaska, United States of America
Phone: +1 907 389 2164

7- McCafferty, Coffee House
With craft cafes spread all over the western world, McCafferty, Coffee House is an independent café in the heart of Fairbanks. The venue’s walls are decorated with independent artwork, while the local Sand Castle band provides live music twice a week. The cafe also offers a number of exquisite small dishes such as fresh sandwiches, snacks and cakes.
Address: 408 Cushman Street, Fairbanks, Alaska, United States of America
Phone: +1 907 456 6853

8- China Alaska Grill
The China Alaska Grill offers great water views for dinner at all times of the year. The outdoor Al Bahah is heated on the cool evenings in summer, and guests are invited indoors in the cold winter months. Main dishes include meat mixed with apricot and pear sauce and served with brown rice and steamed vegetables. Other dishes include meatloaf, royal cakes and grass-grilled chicken breasts.
Address: 4200 Pot Street, Fairbanks, Alaska, United States of America
Phone: +1 907 474 3644

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