Full details of a trip to Croatia (Part 2)

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2- Plitevich Falls and Lakes

Just as it is the destination of millions around the world, it may be your main destination. You are also from visiting Croatia. Plitvice Lakes is the most important tourist place in Croatia and it has a degree of beauty that cannot be described due to its beautiful nature configurations and characterized by turquoise ions. 1979, Plitvice Lakes were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List among the first natural sites around the world.

During your visit to the park, you will initially start with the trailer to the top and change the trailer, and another trailer will climb to the highest point, and then start your tour on foot for two hours, during which you will see the most beautiful landscapes that you may not believe.
Imagine yourself standing in front of this scene !!
Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia 300x225 - Full details of a trip to Croatia (Part 2)
At the end of the tour a small boat will take you to the end point.

Note :

It must be equipped with good clothes that are waterproof and wet, and to wear comfortable shoes suitable for long walks in the middle of nature, and you must bear walking for two hours.

Entry prices:

55 kuna about 25 riyals from November 1 to March 31
110 kuna about 60 Saudi riyals from April 1 to October 31
In the months of June and August, the ticket price reaches 180 kuna, which is about 100 Saudi riyals.

times of work :

From 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening.

Housing in Plativic Reserve:

The best place to live is inside the reserve in this hotel: Ethno Houses Plitvica Selo is one of the most beautiful, luxurious hotels, suitable for honeymoon, families and children.
You can also find many hotels and apartments abroad, and I have tried this beautiful Guesthouse Abrlic, which is about 6 km from Beltvetic, and it was enough for 8 people.

N 44 ° 54.297
E 15 ° 36.710

Parking coordinates:

N 44 ° 54.424
E 15 ° 36.762

3- Rasotec mills and waterfalls:

Full details of a trip to Croatia Part 2 - Full details of a trip to Croatia (Part 2)

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It is the meeting point of the waterfalls of the Slonjiech River that flows into the Korana River and Rasotec. Mills were previously used depending on the movement of the waterfalls. You can wander around this beautiful place and make it a stopping point on your way to Bosnia because it is close to the Bosnian city of Bihac. You can also stop there on your way to waterfalls. Pletevich, you can spend an entire day there and rent a small cottage that runs from under a waterfall.


N 45 ° 7.229
E 15 ° 35.241

Other destinations in Croatia:

Now we have finished the three main destinations in Croatia and there are other destinations such as Spelt and Dubrovnik, all located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, but it is hot in the summer and I could not visit and invite you here to search for them and inform us of your experiences and these are the most important destinations in Croatia As for western tourists, but I do not think it is a suitable destination for Arab tourists, so I prefer not to address them and talk about them in detail.

Important notes for visiting Croatia:

Croatia is a beautiful and cheap country and it is located in the middle between Slovenia, Bosnia, Austria and Hungary, so it may be a suitable option for you to add in your trip to one of these countries.

The most important European cities that you can add to your visit to Croatia:

Screen Shot 1437 10 05 at 1 18 11 PM 300x245 - Full details of a trip to Croatia (Part 2)
You can add many European cities during your visit to Croatia. Here are some examples of cities that you can visit:

in Austria :

You can add Vienna + Villach

In Slovenia:

You can add Blade + DC to WebLiana

In Italy :

You can add Venice + Italian North

In Bosnia:

You can add Bihac + Sarajevo + Mostar

In Croatia:

Zagreb + Rasotec + Plativic
And now we have reached the end of our topic and I am ready to answer any questions about Croatia, and I hope that you can help us in publishing this topic by clicking on the Twitter button below.

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