Highlights of the Masmak Palace Historical Museum 2 and dates of the visit

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Here is the most important information about the historic Al-Masmak Palace 2, which is one of the most important ancient palaces in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Waziriya and Al-Auja, and through Arab travelers, we will take you on a tour inside this place to learn about its most important features.

Al-Masmak Palace Historical Museum 2

  • The palace is located in the Al-Dirah neighborhood in the north of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and its construction dates back to 1895 AD, where the owner of the idea of ​​its construction is Prince Abdul Rahman bin Dabaan, which is built of mud bricks.
  • The palace witnessed many of the conflicts that the state went through, which was before the independence of the city of Riyadh, as it was a field of combat wars such as the battle of the conquest of Riyadh that took place in 1902 AD, and the outskirts of it were the Rashid and Abdulaziz Al Saud and ended with the victory of Al Saud and the recovery of the city.
  • The palace was not only a theater of battles but also a store of weapons and ammunition, and it was used for this purpose after the battle of Fatah al-Riyadh.
  • In 1995, he was revived again by converting it into a museum, and Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz opened it, after it was restored, in partnership between the Associate Antiquities and Museums Agency and the High Authority for Museum Development in Riyadh, and the number of visitors to the palace reaches about 400 thousand visitors annually.

Landmarks of Masmak Palace

Diwaniyah or the Council
It is represented in a room that has holes for ventilation and lighting, and it is opposite the entrance to the palace.
The palace gate

  • One of the most distinctive features of the place, because it is made of the dirt and palm trunks, and in the middle there is an opening called “Peach”, which is located on the western side of the palace.
  • The height of the gate is about 3.60 meters, the width reaches about 2.65 meters, and the thickness of the gate is 10 cm.

The mosque
It is a large room that contains a number of shelves belonging to the Qur’an, located to the left of the entrance, and contains a mihrab along with holes for ventilation.

  • The palace contains a number of constellations, the most prominent of which is a tower in the center of the palace called “Square” as it is built in the shape of a square and contains a balcony that enables you to see all parts of the palace.
  • At each corner of the palace you will find a cylindrical tower, the height of one of which reaches about 18 meters, while the thickness of the walls is 1.25 meters, and each of them contains a number of wooden stairs that enable you to climb to the top of the tower.

The halls
The palace contains nine halls, some of which are reviewed below:

  • The first hall is for the Estrada time in Riyadh.
  • The second hall contains maps and pictures that talk about the storming of the palace and King Abdulaziz’s attempts to restore Riyadh again.
  • The third hall was intended for the pioneers who participated with King Abdulaziz in the battle to recover Riyadh.
  • The sixth hall contained sculptures displaying the ruins of the city, the seventh contained information on how to build the palace, and the ninth included pictures of the king in all his various buildings besides his most important sayings.

The main courtyard of the palace is surrounded by a number of columns rooms, in addition to three residential rooms, the first for the governor, the second for the money house, and the third for the guests.

The dates of visiting Masmak Palace

In case you want to visit museums and see its features on the ground, you can find out the dates of the visit as follows:

  • On Saturday from nine in the morning until eight in the evening.
  • From Sunday to Thursday: from eight in the morning until nine in the evening.
  • Friday: from four in the afternoon until eight in the evening.

You can enter the website of the Saudi Ministry of Tourism to see pictures of the palace from the inside.


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