How big is the Great Wall of China?

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The area of ​​the Great Wall of China

The height of the Great Wall of China ranges between 5 meters to 8 meters, and its width ranges between 5 meters to 6 meters. The length of the fence itself is estimated at 6259 km. It contains other types of barriers that extend at an estimated length of 8,851 km, although The fence stretches along Chinese territory, but it was built to separate ancient China which was known as the Ming and what was between the Mongolian Empire.

The reason for building the Great Wall of China

The Ming Dynasty built a wall to protect itself from enemy attacks, after a defeat by a small army that almost caused the collapse of the Ming dynasty. The wall, now known as the Great Wall of China, was built along the northern border of the southern region of the desert Ordos, extending from Qinhuangdao in the east to Lake Loop in the west, brick and stones were used in the construction of the fence to be more resistant to harsh weather conditions such as snow and rain, and was built in the form of two external walls with a serial path between them to facilitate the passage of military forces through it.

The most popular destination from the Great Wall of China

The Badaling area is the first and most suitable option for visiting the Great Wall of China, and it can be reached by using trains or buses that carry passengers to the northwestern area of ​​the city, where the fence extends over 15 km, and the summer is the best time to visit the wall through this city where it covers the lands Adjacent to the beautiful floral fence and green trees.

The Great Wall of China as a world heritage site

The Great Wall of China was included in the list of world archaeological sites in 1987, because of the wonderful example of the wall of architecture that was widespread during the Ming era, and what it included are great examples of defensive techniques and the ability to adapt to renewed political contexts, as well as the importance that The fence played it in protecting Chinese culture from hostile barbarian attacks.


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