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Archeology is one of the humanities or “anthropology”, which specializes in the study of human archeology and the residual tangible materials such as: buildings, housing, and tools such as pieces of pottery in which he ate food for example, in addition to artistic paintings that resulted from previous civilizations such as the Pharaonic civilization And Canaanite and others, and archeology is also called “the science of ordinary” in relation to the people of the past, and here in this article we will talk about the importance of archeology and the most important effects left by previous peoples in detail.


Scientists who specialize in archeology and study them are called archaeologists, and they study all the evidence that enables them to imagine the form of life that the first ancient man who inhabited the earth lived from the beginning, and even access to contemporary man at this time, and they base their study on the rest of the evidence And the effects of what is left of the big cities, many of whose features have disappeared, as they are determining the archaeological sites under study and research, whether underground or above, using a set of techniques that ensure the smooth and easy flow of study and research.

The importance of archeology

Archeology is of great importance and usefulness, summarized as follows:

  • Being acquainted with ancient and ancient civilizations, and getting to know the person who lived in the shadow of these civilizations, and height is one of the differences that distinguished the old man from the present man.
  • Benefiting from the architecture adopted by previous peoples, which benefited many people, as they resorted to imitating them after admiring them.
  • The cultural and civilizational distinction that the presence of antiquities in a country gives to others, which makes it a destination for many people and everywhere in the world.
  • Economic benefit, as the effects increase the income of the state and the employment of the labor force in it, given the attraction of tourists who come from everywhere in the world to see it.
  • Learn about human behaviors in various aspects of life, such as the cosmetic side, for example, the ancient Egyptian woman, for example, took care of her beauty by making perfumes and cosmetics that are simple in composition, in addition to treating some diseases through the use of some useful herbs, and other examples.

The most important effects

Archeology is a reflection of the history of nations, and today many monuments stand around us to indicate the presence of people who lived before us on this earth, and the Pharaonic pyramids in Egypt are one of them, in addition to the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal of India, Petra, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Sphinx and many others .


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