The Hoya Bacio forests are located within the borders of Romenia and it is worth noting that it is famous for many names, including the horror forest, panic forests, and other terrifying names. This forest is known for many terrifying and fearful stories on the one hand and horror on the one hand.
Since the discovery of these forests in the nineteenth century, the population was enjoying a very stable life and not tainted by any anxiety or panic at all, until it came in 1960 where by this year many symptoms and signs of panic had begun to appear on its indigenous people, and with the passage of time The situation began to worsen until it reached the point where the vast majority of the population migrated these forests.

Hoya Pakyu Forests:

The original inhabitants of Hoya Bakiyo forests had been engaged in many activities such as agriculture, hunting and trade as well, but after that terrible stories had spread about the shadows of strange things and voices of the laughter of women hesitating in the forests left, right, left, north and south.
It is worth noting that the matter began to be confined within a specific logic within the borders of forests, and they called this place the bright spot that spot that differs from the rest of the entire forest where there were lots of strong wind currents monitored and many indigenous people were injured by many injuries and wounds As a result they pass near this spot.
It is worth mentioning that he has heard those scary stories about these forests from many explorers, and some of them have decided to perform an actual experiment in order to get to know the secret of these forests, and indeed some of them went and their visits resulted only from all the destruction and devastation of them, in addition to the injury of many of them injured Deep, however, the bitter became very complicated and more mysterious, and the Hoya Bakio forests began to represent a huge and frightening mystery to all who heard about it just hearing or even reading about it, and based on this, the Arab Travelers website found it appropriate to make this forest the focus of this article and throw more From the light on that strange world.

Very scary forests:

All explorers and travelers who fought the experience of visiting these forests of Hoya Bakiyo, confirmed that these forests are a gateway to the other world that we have always heard about since ancient times in frightening fairy tales, this and from this horror unknown source until the present time we have found that there are a lot of These travelers and explorers have called these forests “the Bermuda Triangle of Romenia”. The main reason for this is due to the amount of dismay in them.
On the other hand, what is truly surprising is that the forest has been very natural and its indigenous inhabitants have not complained of anything at all since it was discovered and that all of these symptoms did not appear until by the year 196, and here is the question that we find natural to present itself to the surface ( What happened and that led to that ??) What is the gap or missing link that has resulted in all this fear and panic ??? !!, it really is something that needs to be researched and studied by all those interested in this matter.

Secret of the mysterious circle:

The mysterious circle is the place that is located exactly in the middle of the forest, and it is strange that all the places that are inside the forest are full of trees. Rather, the trees are dense in them to a strange and striking extent, except for the area that is located in the middle of the forest, which has been called (the mysterious circle) ) As a result, it is really mysterious and full of secrets. Perhaps the most striking thing is that it is the only place completely devoid of any plants or even herbs !!
I wish it was confined to that, but all the travelers and explorers who fought the experience of descending into this mysterious circle emphasized many secrets and mystery whose source is unknown, where we find the height of mystery when we hear from these travelers that there are some individuals who were among the original crew of the team have disappeared suddenly Once they entered this circle.
On the other hand, they asserted that they did not appear until after the passage of a lot of time, and when they were asked about the place where they were, they did not know anything, but they lost memory as happened to many of them, while some were subjected to strong and painful blows that resulted in severe injuries in separate places from Their bodies, as well as that some individuals have experienced burns in different parts of their bodies.
In the end, the Hoya Pacio forest becomes one of the mysteries that grows more and more mysterious with the passage of time. Until now, no one has emerged who can provide answers to all these mysterious questions that are being raised publicly from all of Romenia’s residents about that very scary spot.



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