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The country of France is located in the west of the old continent, the European continent, and extends to the North Sea, the Mediterranean coast and the English Channel. An area of ​​about 674 thousand square kilometers, with a population of approximately 65 million, is the highest population density in Europe. France relies mainly on tourism, and its population is distinguished by social taste, i.e. the so-called etiquette, and these behaviors dominate most of the French people in the way they eat food, their words and their behaviors Sitting and ways of speaking, France is distinguished by its perfumes, as it is the country in which the modern perfume method and unique compositions were invented, and its natural and tourist scenes are very attractive to tourists.

Traveling to France

Traveling to France depends on the type of visa that the traveler will enter into France, and the visas differ in the length of stay and the purpose thereof. The short-stay visa called the Schengen visa is of ninety days or less, and the long-term visa in which the residence period exceeds ninety days, and when entering the French territories The visa cannot be modified and its name changed, but if the traveler needs to engage in a professional or commercial activity, he must follow procedures other than the regular traveler procedures, and require obtaining a prior visa. The regulations in which entry to French lands and residence differ differ according to the type of passport. For the travel carried by the traveler, the ordinary passport differs from the diplomatic passport or the service passport, and the owners of the European Union passport have tremendous facilities and enter the French territories as if they enter another region of their country, while the Schengen visa can be granted to one travel or multiple trips, and it is granted to those who want tourism or A business trip, family visit, or to pursue education and training for a short period. As for the long-term visa, it is granted for the purpose of education and work purposes, and some special cases are exempt from it.

Traveling to France for the purpose of tourism

Tourism in France attracts huge and massive tourists on a daily basis, especially for Paris and the mountainous places. The Alps stretch through the French territories, and the Jurass Mountains extend in the French and italyn lands. France is distinguished in many things, such as: its cuisine, which depends mainly on the high cleanliness and arrangement. France is known for its distinctive tourist attractions such as: the historical and modern Louvre Museum located behind the famous Concorde Square, and there is in the museum a Mona Lisa, and there is the Eiffel Tower, which is the highest place in the capital Paris, and it is one of the most famous cultural monuments in the world and in Paris also A Street Champs-Elysees and densely packed full of cafes; the famous cafe Rdidor the world, and the landscapes are characterized by famous France Bodianha such as the Valley of the Rhine River, the Valley of the agricultural Balfour, and the rivers Saone rivers and the Rhine-renowned, and is characterized by beautiful France Btksha ..

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