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Immigration to Panama

The state of Panama is located in the center of the South American continent along the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the south, and the State of Colombia to the southeast, while from the northwest, it is bordered by the State of Costa Rica, and the country is distinguished by the fact that part of the land there The North and South American continents, which made it characterized by an important geographical location in the management of business and trade, has a total area of ​​78200 square kilometers, and a population of about 3,332,576 people according to the last statistic conducted in 2010 AD.

The official language used by the population in Panama is the Spanish language, followed by the English language, and its economy is strong and prosperous, it is growing rapidly, making the per capita income very high and large for the rest of Central America.

Immigration to Panama

Many foreign and Arab people migrate to Panama and settle there throughout life, and this migration is not considered modern but rather since ancient times, that led to the total number of indigenous people in Panama reaching only 12%, while the rest are immigrants, and this is the reason for the diversity Ethnicity and religions in the country, and the number of immigrants reached in the years between 2010 and 2014, more than 56 thousand immigrants, most of them Colombians, Vansulin, and Spaniards.

Reasons for immigration to Panama

  • Having good, high-income job opportunities that secure a happy life for the immigrant and his family.
  • Investing and doing free business.
  • Study and obtain advanced scientific degrees.
  • Living in a safe place away from wars and conflicts, which makes the immigrant reassured about his life and that of his family.

Obtaining a visa and residence visa

  • Submission of an immigration application to the state of Panama through its embassy located in many countries of the world, or through the Internet, and the request is submitted by writing a set of questionnaires, the most important of which is the name, the reason for immigration, and the marital status.
  • After the approval of the state of Panama on the immigration application, a set of documents are prepared, the most important of which is a valid passport, birth certificate, recent and clear personal photos, marriage contract if any, scientific certificates and certificates of experience in case the migration was due to work.
  • Going for a personal interview with delegates from the state of Panama.

Advantages of immigration to the state of Panama

  • The ability to take family members with a wife and children, by submitting an application to the country that they consider dependent.
  • Lack of discrimination between races and religions, so immigrants live in Panama in peace.

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