Auschwitz-Birkenau is a powerful experience that words cannot describe.
Auschwitz Birkenau with the sheer volume of infamous Nazi concentration camps is the first thing to strike visitors as it approaches the entrance to the memorial and museum in O وأlchem, Poland.
Auschwitz concentration camp is a network of concentration and extermination camps, built and operated by the Third Reich in the Polish regions annexed by Nazi Germany during World War II.

The camp was the largest of the Nazi concentration camps, and consisted of Auschwitz I (Stamagler or Al Qaeda camp); Auschwitz Birkenau II (the camp of Wernichungslager or extermination); Auschwitz III-Monowitz, also known as Bona-Monowitz (labor camp); and 45 of the subordinate camps .
Auschwitz was the name Auschwitzim for a long time, both for the city and the surrounding camps where it is located; the name “Auschwitz” where he was considered the official name again at the hands of the Nazis after it invaded Poland in September 1939 AD.

Birkenau from Prizinka referred to “the birch forest”, originally a small Polish village until it was destroyed by the Nazis to make way for the camp.
Auschwitz specialist on homicides in the camps during the Second World War, Auschwitz Birkenau has visited more than 25 million visitors.

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