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Syria is one of the Arab countries located on the northwestern side of the Asian continent, and it is surrounded by many countries from all directions. This country as one of the important centers for both trade and transportation that links between East and West.


Geographically, Syria was divided into several regions:

  • Coastal areas surrounded between mountains and the sea.
  • Mountainous regions These regions are characterized by containing many highlands and mountains that extend from the northern and southern sides of Syria parallel to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The inner regions, or the so-called plains regions, and these areas are distinguished by containing many plains such as the Damascus Plain, the Homs Plain, Aleppo, Hama, and Daraa.
  • The Badia region is all the plains that are located in the southeastern side of Syria, specifically on the Iraqi and Jordanian borders, in addition to the presence of many mountain ranges that reach a height of more than 2800 m above sea level.

The Syrian lands were divided on the basis of their nature and the terrain shapes in them:

  • The mountainous region This region is characterized by containing many units, the most important of which are:
    • Mountain structures, which are areas in the form of a subversive model, such as coastal, low forest and angle.
    • Mountain structures, which are regions in the form of a torsional model, such as eastern Lebanon, in addition to large interstate basins such as Nasiriyah.
    • Structures with fractured torsional form as a simple mass.
  • The plateaus and plains that are characterized by containing many units, the most important of which are:
    • The plateaus and plains that form as a result of many horizontal layers, such as the beach.
    • Mountain structures, plateaus and volcanic plains, such as Mount Arabia.

the climate

Syria is characterized by its location in a region that enjoys a mild and warm climate, which falls within the scope of the Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by its moderate rain in the winter and its dry climate in the summer.


Syria is characterized by its importance as one of the main ports linking the countries of the Middle East to the countries of the West, which has facilitated trade exchanges between them, in addition to facilitating the movement of import and export, and it includes two important ports, one of which is Tartous and the other is Latakia, and these ports were developed in a way that makes Both of them are more suitable for the requirements of the import and export process, in addition to that Tartous Port contains all the necessary equipment for the storage, handling, and shipping related to phosphates, cement, phosphate fertilizers, and many other diverse products.

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