In the following paragraphs we show you information about Tashkent and its history, Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, and in the ancient time before Islam was introduced to it it was called the city of gauze, and its current name was given to it in the sixteenth century AD, and the city was adopted as the capital of the state of Turkestan after the collapse of the Russian Empire And that was in the year 1918 AD, but after a certain period of time, Turkestan was subjected to collapse due to many factors such as the English intervention and the spread of spies, so that the city belonged to the Uzbek Republic in the year 1930 AD, and for this we will be presented to Kamel through the following article on Arab travelers Insist about the city, and clarify the most prominent economic activities in it, in addition to its location, and the most famous tourist places there.

Information about Tashkent and its location

The city is located in the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan, and it overlooks the banks of a river called Shirzek. The city extends over the western outskirts of the following mountains that are located in the Tski Plain. As for the total area of ​​the city, it reaches approximately 15,300 square kilometers. Nearly 2,000,000 people, and the city has an Islamic character, as well as a Western character.

The climate of Tashkent

The Mediterranean climate affects the city, and we find that the temperatures in the winter are very low, and the freezing cold is spread, in addition to the fall of snow, the sky may continue to rain for up to thirty days, until the snow rises to the ground approximately seventy centimeters, and after The winter months pass, the temperature begins to rise, so the summer is very dry, and the summer is the longest season of the year, and light summer rains fall.

Population in Tashkent

Its population has reached more than two million people, and the population is divided into different groups of nationalities, so we find that the Uzbeks constitute the largest proportion of the total population, followed by Tajiks, in addition to Karakalpak and Kazakhstan, and a large percentage of Russians live in the city.
Most of the population of the city embraces the Islamic religion, and there are many doctrines that the population embraces, there are those who convert to Christianity and follow the Orthodox doctrine of the Eastern Church, in addition to other religions.

Economy in Tashkent

Economic life in the city is stable, as statistics have proven that the average per capita income in the city exceeds two thousand dollars, and the city depends on its economy on the modern machinery industry that is used in the field of agriculture, in addition to the presence of many textile factories, and cotton factories.
The residents of the city depend mainly on agriculture, for it is spreading gardens, wide agricultural spaces and trees, which makes its streets full of green, and the agricultural areas in Tashkent made it a distinctive artistic painting.

Tourism in Tashkent

It is one of the most prosperous cities for tourism activities, as well as many important tourist attractions, due to the presence of many archaeological monuments, in addition to museums, and the city has many hotels, which vary between popular hotels that can be accommodated in exchange for low costs. Or other luxury five-star hotels, and transportation is easy, as there is a metro line in the city that connects to many different stations, in addition to bus and taxi stations.
Tourists go to Tashkent in the autumn, when the temperature is moderate, after the severe winter cold, and before the dry summer heat, and they visit archaeological sites that have a religious character, such as old mosques and religious schools that were built from 1557 AD, until the year 1598 AD, in addition to visiting the famous Soviet memorial.


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