Al Seef Street, Dubai Creek is one of the most important landmarks of the Emirate of Dubai for tourist attractions, which was opened in 2020 by the Emirati company, Meraas. Morsi Al Seef is located in Bur Dubai from the banks of the Creek, and many tourists go to spend a unique and unique experience, to explore the place and see the most wonderful landmarks Heritage, in addition to seeing the wonderful architectural designs found in Al Fahidi neighborhood, and in the following lines of Arab travelers we offer you all the information that you are looking to know about Al Seef Creek in addition to the recreational activities in the place and its heritage site.

Dubai Sword Creek

Marina dates

The marina opens its doors every day from ten in the morning until twelve in the middle of the night, and its visitors can ride the metro and easily reach it through the metro stations, as there are many taxis that transport visitors, and it is also provided with a private car park, water taxi service and yachts .

Sword Creek area

The area of ​​the Al Seef Creek area is about 2.5 million feet, and its length is about 1.8 km. It contains more than 500 shops, restaurants and cafes, in addition to 3 hotels that vary between a modern and very luxurious hotel that includes about two hundred rooms, and another hotel that includes one hundred and fifty rooms. The last hotel, which is characterized by its unique heritage design, which includes about two hundred rooms, and there are many marine transportation such as water taxis, ships and boats, in addition to yachts.

Cultural and heritage site

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the State, provided all support in developing the region and reviving its heritage, in addition to seeking to develop the facilities for the region and supporting the requirements of tourists in it, so that it becomes one of the most important tourist attractions that highlights the magnificence of heritage and the history in the country. The cultural and modern Anchorage berth has been merged with the ancient heritage character, and the development of areas where ancient markets and architectural buildings exist for many years and built in the style of the fifties in the Emirates, and there is a heritage section in the marina that simulates the style of buildings in Dubai in the past, and there is a modern and contemporary section Distinguished with luxurious designs and a distinctive and amazing destination that gives the visitor a wonderful feeling of going back to the old time, with the availability of modern services that any tourist or citizen needs.

fun activities

A lot of recreational activities, events and shows are held in Saif Dubai, which made them always choose families to spend wonderful times to see and enjoy these celebrations throughout the year, so special celebrations of the National Day celebrated in the United Arab Emirates are held, and many Activities on New Year’s Eve, as well as the atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan, celebrations of Eid Al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, and many musical performances and concerts of internationally renowned Arab artists are organized, as are carnivals that add to it a fun atmosphere that brings joy and For the pleasure of all visitors, as there are many shops and markets in the region that sell heritage items and handicrafts that express the country’s culture, and there are many Arab restaurants and popular cafes.

Development of the company Maras for the marina

In the past years, Meraas has developed a lot of tourist areas, such as Dubai Creek, City Walk, and Box Park, and has been keen to support and develop the Creek area with the latest technologies that maintain the heritage façade of the place, while providing modern services for visitors, including transport and paving of roads, it is worth noting Meraas is a government-owned company that seeks to develop many areas in the United Arab Emirates, to help revive economic activities, enrich the country’s culture, keep pace with development, and make the country a better place to live always.

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