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The Iranian island of Kish is located in the Persian Gulf, specifically on the longitude 61.22, and the latitude 28.22, and rises 1413 meters above sea level, with a population of 69,603 people, a length of 14.5 km, and a width of 6.4 km, which is considered a tourist resort, and it also depends on Agriculture, pearling, and fishing.

Tourist places in Kish Island

Kish Island includes many attractions, including:

  • Water basin: The water basin in the Harira area is an example of how the ancient Kish people were storing water in the past, and it was built on the Iranian architectural system.
  • Marjan Beach Park: This park helps one to get rid of the noise of the city, and enjoy the beautiful scenery, it is located between the sea and Marjan Mall.
  • Kish waterfront entertainment: This façade was built in the year one thousand three hundred and eighty five AD, using metal and wooden parts. It is four hundred and thirty seven meters long and eighteen meters wide, and it does not affect the environment negatively.
  • Der Spitz: The Derakht Spaz complex, which includes landscapes and barbecue places, is located in the valley called the Portuguese Valley, next to the oldest tree in Kish which is five hundred or six hundred years old.

History of Kish Island

Kish began to gain importance at the end of the year one thousand AD, when the king seized it, as he built a fleet in it, and began gradually controlling it, then seized the seraph that is now called “Ṭāha”, and then took over the big market, and the island was a center An important Persian trade during that period, but lost its importance by the fourteenth century, and the location of the ancient city of Kish is determined from the effects on the northern coast.


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