Information about the Netherlands in detail, a topic that explains to us the most important information about the most beautiful countries in Europe that are recommended to visit, including its geographical location, its currency, the number of its population, the nature of its climate and the basic language there are also the most beautiful tourist places in the Netherlands, and to follow all the information related to the Netherlands you must link the belts ready to fly in a plane Arab travelers.

Information about the Netherlands

The Netherlands or the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as some call it, is considered a destination for those who want to travel, whether for work or tourism, due to the good reputation the Netherlands has in either the economic or tourism field, so the Netherlands is distinguished by the high standard of living as it occupies the sixth position in economic progress in relation to the European Union and the center Seventeenth on the world level in economic progress as it is considered the fifth prosperous country in the world, characterized by unprecedented agricultural activity as it is the second country in the world in agricultural production after the United States of America in addition to the aesthetic character of the workers The cultivation and afforestation, which gave it a special charm, as it was famous for cultivating the most beautiful types of flowers and exported them to all parts of the world, aided by skilled hands that participated in the field of organization and beauty.

Meaning of the name Netherlands

The Netherlands is said to mean the low sea area.

Population of the Netherlands

The population is 17 million. The funny thing is that the number of bicycles in the Netherlands is 18 million bicycles, which is more than the basic number of its population. The people of the Netherlands are the bicycle leaders in the world and there are about 35,000 kilometers of bicycle lanes.

The mother tongue in the Netherlands

Dutch is the mother tongue in the Netherlands and is spoken by all of its residents.

Netherlands currency

The Netherlands has its own currency, the euro.

The area of ​​the Netherlands

14543 sq km.

Tourism information about the Netherlands

Netherlands website

The Netherlands is located in the northwestern corner of the continent of Europe and consists of twelve regions and is bounded to the east by Germany and to the south by Belgium and to the north by the northern sea and shares the maritime borders with the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium. It is worth noting that the shape of the Netherlands on the map of the world, especially on the map of the continent of Uraba, is similar to the shape of the delta in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Climate of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is characterized by a mild climate due to its nature and its lands are low from the sea, which made it characterized by hot and humid weather in the summer, somewhat mild in the winter.

Geographical nature

The Netherlands has many terrain and different surface appearances, with sandy valleys, drylands, coastal plains, mountains and water bodies.

The most important cities in the Netherlands

Amsterdam (considered the capital of the country) – Rotterdam (is the largest port in Europe) – The Hague (and the International Court of Justice) – Utrecht.

The most famous tourist place in the Netherlands

  • The Rijksmuseum is the most important museum in the world and contains a collection of antiques and art collections of great value, historically and artically.
  • Water canals are one of the most important tourist attractions in the Netherlands to which tourists and hiking are taken by small boats.
  • Amsterdam Zoo is one of the oldest and largest and most beautiful zoos in the world and includes more than 500 species of animals and birds of various shapes, sizes and varieties from all parts of the world and is an important shrine for tourists.
  • The royal palace is located in the middle of Amsterdam, and its construction date is of the seventeenth century AD and was used as a judicial authority and for holding senior state meetings.
  • The bicycle bridge in the city of Gemert, which is located in the southeast of the country.
  • Keukenhof Park is the most beautiful garden in the world because it contains the most beautiful and rarest herbs, plants and flowers.

God Almighty instructed us to strive on the land, whether to seek livelihood, or to build it, or for knowledge, or to lay down bonds of friendship between countries in order to preserve the peace of the earth and not its ruin, in several places, including:

  • God Almighty said (He is the one who made the land for you to be humiliated, so walk in its offices and eat from its sustenance ۖ and to the posts) verse 14 Surah Al-Mulk.
  • And God Almighty said: “O people, I have created you among remembrances and females, and have made you peoples and tribes to know that most of you are greater than you.”

Whoever is able to travel, let him tour the land of God, and let him contemplate, may God guide him to this guidance.


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