The Rose Garden in Dubai is one of the most important tourist attractions that fascinates all visitors from all countries and continents, as it is considered one of the most famous tourist landmarks on the earth, because it is registered in the Arab travelers Genius for records, it is the largest flower garden built in the world, and this contains The delightful garden has many features of entertainment and creativity that have been recorded to complement the charm of the beautiful city, and to attract the largest number of visitors every year, and today in this article from Arab travelers we show you the most important activities of the rose garden in Dubai.

Rose Garden in Dubai

Every year, from mid-November to mid-May, the 72,000 square meter garden, which contains about 100 million flowers, and 70 types of flowers is displayed in a mixture of cheerful colors and fragrant scents.
Tourists roam around the landscape meadows, enjoy the handiwork of the garden, enjoy the few snacks from the food stalls, and generally enjoy the cool breezes among the roses in the perfect weather, despite the scorching sun of Dubai.

Mickey Mouse

The Dubai Rose Garden has signed a new licensing deal with Walt Disney Company for the last season, thereby creating an 18-meter-high Mickey Mouse architecture, the first of its kind in the Middle East.
It earned the world record in Arab travelers Guinness for the largest structure in the world in February 2020, and it houses nearly 100,000 plants, flowers, and weighs 35 tons.
You can still easily locate him this year, as some Mickey friends like Pluto and a few ducks join him.

The Emirates plane

Without a doubt this is one of the biggest reasons to go to the Dubai miracle garden, the Emirates A380 replica of the mockup became the largest flower arrangement in the world when it was unveiled in 2016, and it is still wonderful to this day.

The teddy bear

The teddy bear is 12 meters high, and consists of thousands of K plants and fresh flowers, and is one of the park’s newest attractions, it is a very pleasant thing, and the team says it spread the message “Love and Harmony”.

The lake park

The water feature is a central attraction in Dubai Miracle Garden, providing a great place to sit and think.
With abundant flowers around its edges, as well as some elephants (faux), which proudly stand in the middle of the lake.

The heart passage

There has never been a better background for taking pictures of this aisle; the heart-shaped multicolored arches, surrounded by palm-filled palm trees provide a wonderful frame for selfie selfie invites to fascinate with the beauty of the image, and there is also a canopy corridor that has colors Bright to roam, take great selfies.

The clock

It is 15 meters wide and represents the time, however it is made of leaves, flowers.
Thanks to its interior garden company, flower designs change as seasons change, and mechanical parts have been shipped from the USA.

It is also found in a rose garden

On top of that, you’ll also find plenty of food stalls, a theater, a trampoline runway, and a host of events throughout the season, such as flower parades, and fitness activities.

Entrance fee is AED 50 for adults, and AED 40 for children.
This beautiful park is free for persons with disabilities and children under two years of age.

You can also pair it up by visiting the nearby Butterfly Garden in Dubai, which must be visited in the charming emirate.

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