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Ingredients of tourist attractions


Tourism is moving from the place of original residence and moving to another place for the purpose of visiting, taking pleasure, enjoying, seeing, exploring or treating, and the tourist is the person who visits a country other than his country of origin or a country in which he resides permanently for any reason other than work and earning, and tourism reflects the extent of cultural development The state has reached, as it is an important source of national income, as it helps the success of development plans in countries and provides employment opportunities for citizens, and is a source of foreign currencies, and a major sector in attracting foreign direct investment.

Tourism is divided into: internal tourism that takes place within the state itself, and external tourism in which the tourist moves from his country to other countries across the world, and the tourist constantly searches for tourist areas that meet his desire and fit his budget and time, and some countries may succeed in attracting tourists due to the availability of the ingredients for attraction It has without other states.

Ingredients of tourist attractions

The components of tourist attraction give importance to tourism in any country and give it uniqueness and distinction from other countries, and it can be divided into:

Natural ingredients

They are the appropriate natural factors that attract tourists to visit the region, and they are represented in the geographical location that affects the prevailing climate, and this leads to influencing the diversity of the environment from seas, oceans, forests and the diversity of the living organisms in which they live. These natural elements are affected by the factor of time, distance and the desires of tourists, for example, for the most part Businessmen and those who live in noisy cities want to visit tourist resorts and areas where forests, trees and beaches abound in search of calm and relaxation, and those who live in the European and cold areas are looking for warm areas and shining Dallah in the winter and so, as the distance traveled by tourists have a role in the demand for some areas than others, no one wants to Spend time on the plane or in the ship.

Historical and cultural elements

Many tourists search for areas with ancient civilizations, which appear through the traces they leave behind to show them the effects of places of worship and palaces of kings and memorial buildings, where they focus on their visit to museums, palaces, mosques, libraries and archaeological areas.

Social and religious elements

It reflects the extent of the interconnectedness of society together and includes patterns and lifestyles that dominate individuals in society, and is an attractive source for some tourists who like to learn about the customs and traditions of other peoples, as well as the religious elements of community worship and manifestations of it from important shrines such as mosques, shrines, cemeteries and holy places And places of religious celebrations.

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