International airports in Turkey

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Turkey is considered one of the most tourist destinations in the world, as it enjoys a vital economic and tourist activity as well as a charming nature and a temperate climate. As a result, some Turkish cities became famous, which witnessed a remarkable demand from visitors such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya, so it is necessary to have local and international airports that facilitate From movement to and from these cities.

There are 102 domestic and international airports in Turkey, but there are eight international airports, which are Istanbul Airport, Ankara Airport, Izmir, Trabzon Airport, Milas Airport, Dalaman Airport, Bodrum Airport, and Antalya Airport.

International airports in Turkey

Ataturk International Airport

This airport is located in the city of Istanbul in the European section of it, and is considered the main center of Turkish lines and flights, and this airport was named after this name in honor of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder and first president of Turkey, and the airport is one of Turkey’s largest and busiest airports in Europe, and to reach this airport there are buses that run Every half an hour to transport travelers in Istanbul, and by train that connects Aksaray to Ataturk Airport.

Essen Boga International Airport

This airport is located at a distance of twenty-eight kilometers to the east of the Turkish capital, Ankara, which is the closest airport to the capital, and is classified as the best airport in Europe, that is, equipped with international standards, it is witnessing active traffic to more than one international destination, including Amsterdam, Vienna, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Kabul, Brussels, Tehran, Tripoli and others, aside from domestic flights to other local airports.

Adnan Menderes International Airport

It is also named after Izmir International Airport and is located eighteen kilometers west of the city of Izmir. It is the fourth active Turkish airport, and this name was named after Adnan Menderes, the former Prime Minister of Turkey.

Trabzon International Airport

Trabzon is one of the most famous cities east of the Black Sea, it has a charming nature, and this is why Trabzon International Airport is located to serve the northern Turkish regions.

Dalaman International Airport

This airport is located in southern Turkey, specifically in the Turkish city of Mugla, and it contains the old building that serves domestic flights, and the new building for international flights.

Milas-Bodrum International Airport

This airport is located between the city of Milas and the city of Bodrum in southwestern Turkey, it serves the two cities together, and is a distance of thirty kilometers northeast of the city of Bodrum, and a distance of sixteen kilometers from the city of Milas.

International Antalya Airport

It is located in the city of Antalya, at a distance of thirteen kilometers from the city center, and it serves southwest Turkey, and it is the second busiest Turkish airport.


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