Beautiful tourist destinations are very many around the world, but they may need a wealth of wealth to reach and stay with them for a few days. However, there are tourist destinations that are no less beautiful than the most famous, but they are within the reasonable, possible and strange limits that these tourist places are in the heart of the European continent too !! The classification of the most beautiful economic tourism destinations in Europe depends on several factors, including the availability of economic prices for flights, accommodations, food prices and restaurants in the main cities. In this article, a definition of one of the countries that occupies the throne of economic tourism in Europe: –Ireland Travel to Dublin, the capital of Ireland, took an advanced position in recent times, following the low prices for flights to the city, which is known for its beautiful nature and the multiplicity of its monuments. Dublin accommodation is characterized by low prices compared to other tourist cities corresponding to it in the European continent, and it is even possible to reduce residence expenses 20% in the case of housing outside the capital in some of the nearby suburbs. Dublin is characterized by the presence of a network of public transport and transportation, especially the railways that reach most of Archaeological areas outside the capital, in addition to the presence of many small and medium hotels.

Tourist attractions in Ireland

One of the most famous and most visited tourist destinations in Ireland is “Moher’s Cliffs”, which reaches a height of more than 400 meters along an eight-acre coast on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Climbing “Moher’s Cliffs” provides the opportunity for tourists to see rare and scenic natural and geological phenomena at the same time. Southwest is on the “Bern” National Park which is a good platform for seeing many types of seabirds.One of the interesting attractions in “Dublin” is the rock “Blarney” around which many legends revolve, including that those who succeed in kissing it can speak Irish fluently, which made it enter the list of the highest tourist places in the country !! near the natural area of ​​”Cork”, which is suitable for a place Ideal for relaxation and recreation lies the ‘Queen’s Heritage Center’, which displays the events of the migration of more than two million Irish citizens to the United States of America and Australia in the mid-1800s.Tourism in Ireland is not limited to the city of “Dublin”, and just to the north there is the historic city “Belfast”, which includes many monuments that include the Titanic Center for Science and Invention, which was built in the same site that witnessed the construction of the ship Titanic almost 100 years ago, which was for a long time One of the most important shipbuilding centers of the British Empire.

The best small hotels in Dublin

– The Merrion Hotel

It is close to a wide range of attractions in the capital, such as the National Museum, Trinity College and the Irish Museum of Fine Arts.

The Gibson Hotel

It is a small modern hotel located near a group of the best places for parties and entertainment in the city.

Hotel (Clontarf Castle)

Originally an old castle and converted into a budget hotel, the hotel is located 15 minutes from the heart of Dublin and offers special types of food such as barbecue, seafood and beef.

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