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Georgia is one of the countries known for its picturesque nature, and rich in natural resources, from the eyes, wells, and rivers, which made it an area of ​​attraction for tourists to reach the highest percentage and number of tourists in the world, in addition to containing very old historical monuments and monuments, dating back to ancient civilizations inhabited there for thousands of years. And, despite its small size and population, it is one of the countries that enjoy the most cultural touches of heritage and ancient history. Georgia is characterized by many tourist attractions, which are especially intended for tourists during their interesting trip to them, we will mention them to you in this article.

Georgia tourist attractions

Ximenda Samiba Cathedral

The Tsamenda Samiba Cathedral is one of the most prominent and important symbols of religious revival in Georgia. It was built after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1995 and 2004, and it was built with distinctive and traditional artistic decorations, which appear clearly on the walls of concrete, brick, marble, and granite, where it was carefully chosen It is high to build this church, in addition to the dome, which reaches eighty four meters in height, up to the top of the gold-plated cross. The cathedral contains three chapels built under the ground.

Narikla Castle

This castle is located on a hill overlooking the city, and specifically on the Mtkfari River, and it was built since the fourteenth century AD, as a fortress to protect the city from enemies, and it is one of the most beautiful and ancient archaeological and important buildings in Georgia, and the second milestone records the highest percentage of tourist attraction in the state; Wonderful, and its huge walls which were built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, where it remained steadfast despite the region being exposed to a strong and devastating earthquake in the year 1827.

Vardesia Monastery

The Vardesia Monastery, or the Cave City as it is called, is an ancient monastery, built in the twelfth century, extending from Mount Orcheli for kilometers to the monastery after a half hour walk, and to enter this monastery a small fee is paid for the monks who care for it. The Vardesia monastery consists of six thousand rooms spread over thirteen floors, and has been currently restored to become thirteen rooms, and a few prayer and worship halls.

Lake Ritsa

This lake is located in the city of Abkhazia, north of Georgia, and it is one of the most beautiful and wonderful lakes that you can see; whether in terms of its picturesque nature, forests and colorful trees surrounding it, or from beautiful and spotted salmon, as for its depth it reaches more than a hundred and sixteen meters, It is thus one of the best places that tourists go to in the summer, because their enjoyment is indescribable in this place, especially when they take out rides in boats and small boats.

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