Turkey is one of the countries with the most archaeological sites included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage due to the succession of a number of human civilizations, which made it have a number of very unique archaeological sites among the most prominent places that contain very unique sites within the Turkish territory is Mersin Governorate, the capital The Turkish south of the country overlooking the Mediterranean coast is characterized by the sea port on the Mediterranean coast. It is the ten most important Turkish cities and the busiest cities after Istanbul and Ankara. Izmir city coasts have been inhabited since the ninth century BC. A number of excavations were revealed in the city. The civilizations that exist for a number of civilizations, including the Hittites, the Persians, the Assyrians, the Macedonians of Alexander the Great, the Seleucids, the Ptolemies, and the Romen, Byzantine and Islamic civilizations.

The city of Mersin is filled with a number of world and human heritage sites for a number of diverse civilizations, which are an open museum registered in the list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization of the United Nations, as well as tourist attractions and beaches that are famous for the emergence of rare types of turtles, where the state is blessed with warmth throughout the year We will be exposed to the World Heritage List of that lively city: –

1- The city of Corcos: the archaeological city includes a number of archaeological places such as the castle of the girl, the sophora of Adam, the monastery of the Ahan, the church of St. Paul and the castle of Mamor The city is the most important city among all the archaeological sites The city was one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean from the time of the Hittites until the era of Hellenistic and Romen civilizations Byzantium includes the city the most important landmarks that a large number of tourists around the world intend, including the castle of the girl and the rocks of Adam, which were dominated by large reliefs and shapes in large sizes in the third century BC until the third century AD The city was of great importance in the era of Romens a Tkhaddmt city ports in the export of olive oil

2- Alahan Castle: The Alahan Monastery is located in the Goksu Valley in the Mout area of ​​Mersin, which means a number of people interested in historical and civilizational affairs thanks to the distinctive lengthening, as well as nature tourism and scenic nature views. The monastery was built in 440 to 442 AD, written by the Ottoman travelers, the saints of Chalabi The monastery is from two churches, one of which was destroyed. There are a number of tombs in the style of the monastery in the style of Hagia Sophia called Hagia Sophia Mersin. This monastery is of great importance to the pilgrims.

3- Mamor Castle: dating back to the Middle Ages, the castle occupied a unique location, which made it enter the UNESCO World Heritage Encyclopedia. The castle extends from 24 thousand meters, making it one of the largest castles in Turkey, including Romen, Byzantine, Seljuk, Qarmanniliya and Ottoman ruins. The castle has a mosque that still resides in it Prayer to the day The castle is located on the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by blue in all respects. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture restores the castle to open it to visitors.

4- Saint Paul Church: Among the sites of monuments listed on the UNESCO list located in the city of Tarsus, which witnessed the birth of Saint Paul in the Christian faith is the only church that has been preserved, the church attracts a number of tourists who are interested in the history and Coptic monuments.

Those were the most important international sites that entered the Encyclopedia of Humanitarian and World Heritage in the city of Mersin overlooking the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea If you were a fan of the global human heritage belonging to human civilizations steeped in the history of history do not miss to visit those very distinctive monuments within the state of Mersin ten most important cities in Turkey ..

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