Woodman Sports Cafe & Restaurant

A very popular place for Arsenal fans, it attracts many tourists who come to watch UEFA Champions League, Premier League matches in an energetic and lively environment.
It is the largest multi-cinema chain in Cyprus, with branches in Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia, and Paphos.
The cinema offers five screens, a modern image, sound equipment, anti-seismic construction, climate control air conditioning, a cafeteria and indoor concessions, etc.

Rialto Theater

Founded in the 1930’s, this theater was opened to the public in 1933.
It was the center of movies, shows, banquets and carnival ceremonies in the city.
The theater has been expanded and renovated before, and today it is home to movies, music, dance, theater and opera performances.
It also hosts some film festivals, and annual dance with other performing arts.


Limassol offers a wide range of restaurants to food lovers from all over the world in the city center, and in the eastern neighborhoods of the city
Many traditional restaurants can be found, and tourists can also enjoy a good selection of Greek and continental European cuisine, as well as typical fast food chain restaurants in McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants located near the beach.
Anutera Tavern Restaurant
It is one of the most popular traditional restaurants in Limassol, the menu in the family Anutera offers a large selection, a variety of starters, meat dishes, seafood, shells, legumes, and vegetarian dishes
You can enjoy dinner in a warm atmosphere
Il Saburi Restaurant
Enjoy a wide range of authentic italyn dishes in one of the best italyn restaurants on the island.
Itello Restaurant
Limassol locals often visit this place for local dishes as well as high-quality Mediterranean food.
La Maison Fleuri Restaurant
Considered the best place for French cuisine in the city, this restaurant attracts visitors to eat in the rich, classic and romantic surroundings.
The restaurant offers indoor / outdoor facilities for up to 200 people
Cihampelos Restaurant
Located just off the road leading to the Troodos Mountains from Limassol, this restaurant is located on a high hill with stunning views of the entire city of Limassol.
It offers a wide range of traditional cuisine, as well as many other Mediterranean dishes.
Moreover, the restaurant is often rented for special occasions such as baptism, and birthdays as the great view and excellent food preparation makes it a very desirable place.
Columbia Plaza Restaurants
It is the ideal location, in the heart of Limassol, on the picturesque St. Andrea Street, which offers high-quality options for dining, relaxing and fun.
Also on the site are the Café Café, La Boca Restaurant and Colombia Steakhouse
You can relax, enjoy music while eating dinner
Columba Beach
It is the latest addition to the famous Colombia restaurants group with a pool area, and serves juices, fresh salads, grills, steaks, sushi, pasta, snacks, and sweet desserts plus DJs staying every night

Corniche Mallus

Between the city and the sea, Molos is more than just a promenade, it is an eye-catching coastal park stretching from the ancient harbor to the zoo.
Moloss turned march on the beachfront into an art form, as is the case with stadiums, rows of palm trees, cafes, and benches, and there are water features, meadows

Olympion Beach

This Blue Flag Bay is an easy choice to enjoy a great night out
Chairs, cafes, restaurants, and a number of facilities and services are also available. You can enjoy inhaling the air in a calm atmosphere on the beach.

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