Sharjah Zoo – is the subject of our article today, as the rulers of Sharjah have been keen to develop attractions in order to make it one of the most important tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates, and one of the most important tourist places is the Zoo, which attracts large numbers of visitors from all Ages, whether citizens of the emirate or its tourists, and through the following lines in the Arab travelers we will get to know the detailed description of the park and the most important animals and birds in it and the activities that can be practiced there.

Sharjah Zoo

Description of the park entrance

The park is designed in the latest style to become the most important centers of wildlife in the Emirates, where the main entrance to it contains dedicated screens to display videos explaining several important information about the park and the most important thing to do when roaming around.

The contents of the garden

  • The park includes many types of reptiles and birds and more than 100 species of rare and endangered mammals and animals, in addition to amphibians, reptiles and turtles that spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, which can be enjoyed through an air-conditioned glass corridor, in addition to several types of snakes, scorpions, spiders and poisonous snakes, which It can be seen through the glass basins.
  • Among the most important characteristic of the garden is the night house, which includes a variety of mammals such as mongoose, fox and hedgehog, in addition to a number of rodents that live in its natural environment and the number of 12 species.
  • And on the Arabian Peninsula in the garden, which is a title of excellence and creativity, it collects the rarest types of birds and wonderful trees, this is unlike the halls that contain glass walls behind which you can see several types of predators living in their wild environment between the ditches and rocks.
  • The designers of the park did not overlook the establishment of halls dedicated to the skillful activities of children, such as drawing, coloring, handicrafts and other games, and there are a number of cafeterias located on the open lakes and full of flamingos spread among the trees, which helps to relax and calm nerves and spend times Unforgettable beautiful.

Park address

The park is located on Sharjah Al Dhaid Road, after Sharjah Airport, towards Al Zaid.

Entry prices and visit dates

The entrance ticket for the park is 15 dirhams for adults and is free for children. As for the visit dates, it is from Sunday to Thursday, with the exception of Tuesday from nine in the morning until half past five in the evening, and Friday from two in the evening until five in the evening, and on Saturday from the first Ten in the morning until half past five in the evening, and Tuesday is the day off for the park.

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