Maldives island

المسافرون العرب

Maldives island

It is officially called the Republic of Maldives, which is a group of small islands that are located in the Indian Ocean and they are coral islands with dirt barriers, and follow the continent of Asia, and passes through the equator, and it was called a time-delayed or delinquent, and it was controlled by Britain for seventy-eight years, Until it gained its independence in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty five AD.


It is believed that the first inhabitants of the Maldives were the Buddhists who came from India and Sri Lanka, and remained so until the twelfth century AD, when the Muslims opened it, and it was not determined who opened it, and for whom Abu Batwa mentioned that he is Abu Barakat the Berbers, but there are many doubts about this information, However, he specifically described the changes that took place there, so the administration became dependent on the Arabic language, unlike the neighboring countries that were French and Urdu, and the people followed the doctrine that belongs to Sheikh Malik bin Anas.
In the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, the Maldives was subject to the protection of the British, with a contract signed between the two parties, and this stipulates that the Maldives will maintain their autonomy, but its foreign affairs are in the hands of Britain, and it is under its military protection.

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the climate

The Maldives is located in the tropical environment, but the Indian Ocean greatly affects its climate, so that it absorbs heat and releases it, and therefore temperatures range between twenty-four and thirty-three degrees Celsius, with a high rate of humidity significantly, and its southern islands witness more precipitation, so that they converge Four thousand square millimeters, while the northern part possesses approximately two thousand five hundred square meters.

Political life

The Maldives are subject to the republican system of government, where the president is elected to head the government for a period of five years, and he appoints the ministers, and prevents non-Muslims from voting, and it can be said that all of its inhabitants are Muslims, but now its official language is Dhivehi and it is close to the Arabic language.


One of the most prominent events that occurred in the Maldives is the flood that destroyed most of its islands, where fifty-seven islands faced great and critical damage, as twenty islands were completely destroyed, as a result of an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, and only nine islands were spared from this flood, and a hundred spent in it Eighty people, and that was on the twenty-sixth of December of the year two thousand and four.

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The Maldives is a tourist destination par excellence, its nature is picturesque, and it has more than ninety-five resorts intended for tourists who visit on regular trips, and tourists can relax on the beaches, swimming, or diving in the depths, especially near North Island Marlay.

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