Getting around in the Maldives takes three forms, public ferries and sea planes (air taxis) and private yachts (marine taxis), boats are considered vehicles for locals in the Maldives while private planes and yachts are mainly reserved for tourists.
Air taxi and boats prefer not to work at night, if you arrive at the airport after dark and you have to go to a remote resort in one of the Maldives, you may have to spend a night in the capital Male or at the airport hotel on the island of Holhole.
Although the cost of private transfers can be a convenient option to transfer to the resort instead of spending an entire night at the airport hotel or Male, and private transportation ranges between 500 to 800 USD. It is best to know about Male on the way back, as there may be a large gap between the time of arrival and departure of your flight, so check carefully with the resort you are visiting or your travel agent.
Air transport by plane
There is no point in the Maldives more than 90 minutes by plane from the capital, Male, and that is why visitors to remote resorts use an air taxi, and there were two companies, the Maldives Air Taxi and the Maldives Airways, and their services are largely identical by water planes that accommodate about 15 passengers, In 2013, the two companies were merged by Blackstone Group under the name “Trans Maldives Airways”.

Shipping takes three forms:
Cheap general ferries from population centers (usually 3-6 times per week). Generic ferries and cargo ships are most suitable for the most independent minded traveler and for those on a budget, and are available well.
Semi-public and private ferries and speedboats scheduled, which complement public services to population centers, airport transfers, and sometimes one-day hiking trips between islands.
Speed ​​boats that allow you to reach anywhere, anytime and at a high cost, and they are much faster than general ferries and you can leave at the time you want, and if you are visiting any of the resort islands you will need to get there in this way ‘taxis’.

Road transport on the island
If you decide to take a taxi from the street, all taxis have an air conditioner, and you can find a taxi anywhere in all financial areas. Be prepared to face taxi delays in many of Malé’s streets as most roads go in one direction.
The cost of a taxi during the day is about 15 RF. As for the night fare, it is 20 RF. There is an additional fee of 5 RF. A tip for drivers is optional.
Tips for driving cars in the Maldives
Driving on a Male Island is like driving in any other country where you must hold an international driver’s license, be careful on the roads, and you must take into account some important points while driving:
* Full attention to traffic lights.
* Maintain the required speed, do not drive fast
* Never drive if you are drunk.
* It is always best to take a small break if you are driving a long distance.
* Always wear a seat belt.
* For pedestrians, the rules for crossing the road and walking on the sidewalk must be adhered to.
* If you are driving a motorcycle, wear helmets
The bicycle
The island’s distances are usually not long, and a bike is a good way to travel. But there is no place to rent bikes, so you have to arrange it with the guest house. If you hire one, you should use the light at night.

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