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Johannesburg, this multicultural city and one of the most beautiful cities of Africa and the largest cities in the world, has all the elements and ingredients that make it the best tourist destination in the Republic of South Africa. The city offers countless areas of activities and attractions, giving it unparalleled popularity.
Johannesburg is nicknamed several names: Jobberg, Nutty or Egoli (Gold City) and has an interesting history with its many stops, along with many other attractions that are worth visiting at the earliest opportunity.
Have you ever heard of “Kuwaito” music, which is characterized by its emotional words? This genre of African music emerged in Johannesburg in the 1990s and has become a phenomenon characteristic of South Africa.

My trip to Johannesburg

A few decades ago, Johannesburg was a town of prospecting for gold and for this reason it is today called the “City of Gold” or “Igole.”
Hillbrook Tower is the tallest building in Johannesburg with a height of 269 meters. This tower can be seen from anywhere in the city.
Johannesburg has 10 million trees and is considered the largest man-made forest in the world. The best part of it is that this number is expected to increase, as “City Gardens” launched the “Greening Soweto” project for cultivating arid areas in 2006.
Johannesburg went through four construction phases. Initially it consisted of a group of tents, then it turned into a townhouse from tin homes, then into brick buildings to finally become the city of skyscrapers in South Africa.
The famous “Zoo Johannesburg” is over 100 years old and is located in the suburb of Parktown.
Not only is Johannesburg the largest man-made forest, it has about 2343 parks, 15 bird sanctuaries and 22 nature reserves in Goburg.
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