Correctly packing luggage saves you money and time at airports as there are laws and regulations in airports around the world, and Dubai airports have new luggage rules that you know about in this topic:

Here are these tips and basic laws you can follow:

New luggage rules have been implemented to improve services for travelers.
1 – It must be ensured that the bag has at least one flat side.
2 – Not carrying liquid containers with a capacity exceeding 100 milliliters in a handbag.
3- The liquid containers shall be placed in transparent and resealable plastic bags.
4 – Place the resealable bag in the handbag.
5- Each passenger is allowed two bags on international flights, provided that their total weight does not exceed 32 kg.
6 – Procedures for luggage that is more than 90 cm long, more than 75 cm high and 60 cm wide, or that do not have a single flat surface, must be completed within the large luggage platform.
7 – Arrive well in advance to complete the procedures related to large luggage.
8 – Luggage must be repackaged. Excess baggage fees also apply.

It remains to note that there are differences in rules according to the airline and the class of travel, so we recommend that you look at the details from the airline before the flight.
We wish you a happy journey

Pack your luggage correctly .. Save you money and time at Dubai airports
Pack your luggage correctly .. Save you money and time at Dubai airports

Correctly luggage

Correctly luggage

Incorrect luggage
Incorrect luggage

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