Ramadan activities in Egypt are the most beautiful Ramadan customs and traditions in Egypt

المسافرون العرب

Ramadan activities in Egypt are the most beautiful Ramadan customs and traditions in Egypt. The blessed Ramadan nights in Egypt are distinguished by their special taste and distinctive atmosphere, as fasting people are keen to perform the prayers in mosques, as well as many seminars and recitation of the Qur’an and many preaching episodes in this month, as mosques are filled with worshipers with since seeing The crescent of Ramadan, and what distinguishes Ramadan nights in Egypt is the evening, where literary and cultural evenings, as well as links of folklore that are established in neighborhoods known in Cairo such as the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood and the Hussein district, while children in the month of Ramadan in Egypt have their own joys and rituals, Whereas circumambulation and wandering in the lanes and alleys carrying the lanterns, this habit that I knew when Mu’izz Allah the Fatimid entered Egypt and went out to receive the Egyptians carrying the lanterns and since this time Ramadan lanterns have become one of the customs of the Egyptians in the nights of this holy month.

Ramadan nights in Egypt:

  • Lantern and decorations:

The lanterns are considered the most important manifestations of celebration in Ramadan, as the streets of Egypt wear garments of embellishments to receive this month, homes are joyful, and houses and streets are filled with dazzling lights and lanterns that are suspended in front of homes and stores of various shapes and sizes, this is in addition to children carrying their lanterns floating around in the dialogues and alleys echoing some Beautiful Ramadan songs.

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  • Street congestion:

After the Fatwa House in Egypt announced the appearance of the crescent moon, joy reigns in all parts of the country, as people congratulate each other and the streets quickly become crowded with vendors and shops that display their Ramadan products, from varieties of dates, nuts and dried fruits.

  • Ramadan tents:

Ramadan tents have spread in Egypt, so this phenomenon has become one of the most important features of the month of Ramadan, because these tents are a meeting place for families who like to stay up late in the Ramadan atmosphere, where religious delineations, chants and others are presented.

  • Al-Masrati:

It is a popular profession that relies mainly on cheerful Ramadan songs and religious words, and this profession has its own rituals, where Al-Masharati carries a drum and stick and echoes and sings in his loud voice, the sweetest words that give an atmosphere of joy and joy as he sings and calls.

  • Suhoor:

Sohour in Egypt also has its own rituals, as the bean dish is considered the main dish on all Egyptian tables while eating suhoor, along with many different types of cheese, sliced ​​vegetables, yoghurt and the Egyptian cup of tea, as well as there are some cafes and restaurants that provide suhoor meal in an atmosphere like no other .

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  • The tables of the Most Gracious:

It is considered one of the prominent manifestations of Ramadan. Despite its simplicity, it is accepted by many, especially those who are not able, and breakfast meals are distributed to all guests of the table.

  • Cannon:

It was during the era of the Messenger of Muslims in the month of Ramadan eating food from sunset to dawn, but with the expansion of the area of ​​the Islamic state Muslims tried to devise new and different ways besides the ears in order to indicate the time for breakfast, until the breakfast cannon, which is usually black Its paint is renewed from time to time, and the breakfast cannon is usually traced back to the era of Muhammad Ali during the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

  • Iftar in Ramadan:

One of the customs of the Egyptians in Ramadan is that all family members gather around the table to have breakfast together, and the Ramadan breakfast is also a good opportunity to invite family and friends to eat it together, and various drinks and dishes are served, and among the most famous Ramadan drinks we find the scum that is not without an Egyptian table along with some fresh juices Or Tamarind or Qamar Al Din drink, next to many main dishes, appetizers, soups and salads, and desserts dishes for dessert after breakfast, and the most famous Ramadan desserts among the Egyptians Baklava and Konafa, Umm Ali and Qatayef, and then family members sit together for some time Before setting out to the mosques in order to perform Tarawih prayer.

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  • Tarawih prayers :

The worshipers in Egypt walk to all the mosques that spread throughout the country in order to perform the evening prayer and Tarawih prayers, which they see as a great blessing in terms of mercy and blessings. It is like the ancient Hussein Mosque, Mrs. Zainab, Mrs. Psychological, and others. One of the most distinguishing features of Ramadan in Egypt is the twenty-seventh night of Ramadan where a big celebration of Laylat al-Qadr is held by the state, and a competition is held to honor the memorizers of the Qur’an and distribute prizes to them.

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