Report on the Maldives

المسافرون العرب

the moldive Islands

The Maldives is a country located in the Asian continent in the Indian Ocean, whose capital is the city of Mali٬, with an area of ​​71.740 square kilometers, and these small islands are famous for their official religion is Islam, as all of its population of approximately 330,000 people, according to a statistic conducted in 2000, embrace Islamic religion, and these islands monopolize the right of citizenship only for the adherents of Islam only, and the origins of most of the inhabitants of these islands belong to the Indian subcontinent, in addition to the western coasts of Sri Lanka, and the inhabitants speak the language of Dhivehi, which is known to contain Arabic terms and vocabulary.

The Maldives remained for nearly 78 years under British rule and gained independence in 1965, and the Maldives is known as the Presidential Republic, as a president is appointed for it, and then this president takes over the affairs of these islands, and appoints ministries in them for different functions.

the climate

The Maldives is characterized by a wonderful climate to a large extent, as the Indian Ocean has a significant impact on the process of reserving, absorbing and storing heat, and then exports it slowly, and therefore the temperatures in the Maldives change between 24-33 degrees Celsius with a large increase in humidity. It is due to its location relative to the Indian Ocean.

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The economy of the Maldives previously flourished, and it was famous in ancient times for fishing such as tuna, and its economy relied on it in some periods entirely, in addition to coconut trade and seashells that were used in the past as an international currency. The Maldives received the attention of traders in those times. These islands exported huge quantities of shells to many countries of the world, and the Arabs called them ancient (the islands of money). Until now, the shells are a symbol of the monetary authority in these islands.

In the modern era, the Maldivian government has set up a program that encourages import and export business, in addition to facilitating foreign investment in it, but it suffered a setback in 2004 after the tsunami that killed many projects in it, as it left a significant number of victims and dead, in addition to Significant property damage.


The Maldives has an important place on the global tourism map, as it contains a large number of tourist resorts and hotels equipped at the highest levels, in addition to its distinctive climate, and what distinguishes these islands is divided into special areas for residents to settle and build housing, while the rest is left for hunting purposes. And tourism.

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Each year, the beaches of the Maldives attract a large number of tourists who come to practice their water hobbies, and enjoy the atmosphere and landscapes, and here are some of those places:

  • Hakuru Miskyi Mosque, known as the oldest mosque in all of the Maldives.
  • Moovushi Faroov site This site contains caves that extend over two kilometers, caves and coral reefs.
  • Hokorolhe area; it is known as a very good place for diving enthusiasts.
  • Addo Atoll.
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