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Sakaka Governorate is one of the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is located in the center of the country specifically in the Al-Jouf region, and it is also the capital of the Al-Jouf region and the administrative center of the region. The area of ​​the governorate is about (100) square kilometers, and its population is approximately (242) thousand, according to estimates of the year (2010).

The importance of Sakaka

In the province of Sakaka, there are many antiquities, drawings and inscriptions, as a result of many ancient civilizations that passed through the region and settled in it. It is also considered the gateway to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the northern side. Hot and dry during the summer season, where the temperature ranges between (38-42) in the summer, and in the winter the weather is cold and the temperature ranges between (7-10) degrees.

Archeological sites in Sakaka

Among the archaeological sites in Sakaka:

  • Qara Mountain AuctionThis mountain is located on the northeastern side of the city of Sakaka, about 6 kilometers away from the Qalqit district. Several Nabataean inscriptions were found on the eastern side of the mountain, most of the inscriptions contain military expressions, indicating that the one discussed was working on Army, some inscriptions date back to the reign of King Harith IV and his successor Malik II.
  • Columns of RajajilIt is an archaeological site on the southern side of the city of Sakaka, the site consists of approximately (50) erect stone columns which are called “Rajajil”; these columns are made or carved with sandstone, each group of columns contains (3- 7) Columns approximately, the height of the column is approximately (3) meters, and a thickness of (60) cm.
  • Zabal CastleIt is an ancient castle located on the northern side of the city of Sakaka within the Al-Jouf region. This castle is located on top of a mountain and consists of a wall built of stones and mud and in its four corners cylindrical towers and one main entrance and two rooms, the castle can be reached by winding road, the castle is considered A military facility to protect the city from any enemy, due to its strategic location.
  • Well, Sisera: It is an ancient archaeological well located on the northern side of Sakaka near the castle of Zaabal. The well is carved in sandy oval in an oval shape, with a depth of about (15) meters, a diameter of (9) meters, and on its sides carved stairs that reach its depths, and found in it An engraved channel used to transport water to the farmer, the well was named by this name in reference to the Canaanite military commander Sisera who was fighting the Jews in Palestine.

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