Information about the snowy summit in Kaprun Austria and the dates of its visit and leisure activities, Kaprun is a village located in the province of Salzburg in Austria and located near the Zell nc resort, the most famous tourist resort in the province, and embraces Kaprun for many of the frozen lakes which many people visit for snow skiing in Austria The history of this village dates back to the era of the Celts of Asian and European origins during the Romen era. In the past, it was rich in mining industries, but nowadays the focus has been on establishing hydroelectric stations in order to generate electricity besides interest in tourism. Here are the most important Vasil on Arab travelers.

Snow Summit in Kaprun Austria:

The Kaprun Snow Summit is one of the most famous ski slopes in Kaprun and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Austria. There are also many attractive activities that helped to increase the month of the Kaprun Snow Summit, such as the Kaprun Cable Car, and there are many snow parks, ski tracks and other entertainment. .

Activities to do on top of Kaprun Snow Summit:

  • Enjoy what is offered at the ski resort for the whole family, especially the activities that are offered to young children, where the playgrounds, ski lessons and clubs for children.
  • Accommodation and skiing in the Maaskogel region, which is one of the most ideal areas for beginners and families, which is characterized by its wonderful slopes and the presence of many comfortable huts.
  • Visit the mountain hiking area, which is intended for all lovers of hiking, hiking and mountain climbers, and take a unique and exceptional tour of the Alps.
  • Visit the ice camp, which is a unique world of snow and includes three huts of snow.
  • Enjoy skiing on Eagle Track, making quick and sharp curves and learning small jumps while skiing.
  • Spend some time at the Snow Park, which is established on a weekly basis, where many celebrations and festivals are held, along with some family competitions and challenges.
  • Reaching the Languedboden peak, which is nearly two thousand meters above sea level.
  • Reaching the summit of Salzburg, which is more than 3000 meters above sea level, to capture wonderful dramatic pictures from its balcony.
  • Enjoy eating any of the local or international meals, or have some refreshments at any of the cafes or restaurants located on top of the summit.

Visit times:

The doors of the visit are always open to the public throughout the year, and working hours are approved according to the weather.

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