Gangkhar Ponsum is the highest peak in the Bhutan mountain range, with a height of about 7570 meters, but the country prohibits mountain climbing, in part because of religious reasons as it is the highest peak in this series sacred, as it lacks appropriate rescue services.

On the other hand, the Mosho Chihc summit of 7,452 meters is one of the highest prohibited peaks in this majestic chain, but it is located in a far part of the inaccessible areas within the Karakoram region of Pakistan, and the last attempt to climb it was recorded for an Englishman named Pete Thompson who He climbed to a height of 6000 meters before returning it.

The Kailash Mountain in Tibet is one of the greatest mountains that many contemporary adventure enthusiasts wish to discover but are currently prohibited from doing so, as it is a sacred summit for many religions spread in the region. Tibet provides the possibility to wander around the summit of Mount Kailash in a pleasant 3-week trip for 3,390 pounds per person. The trip includes going to Kathmandu (Nepal) and Lhasa, and adventurers spend three days around the base of the mountain.

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