Let us dear reader get acquainted today with the nature of Mexico on the site of the Arab travelers, the scenic, the clear blue waters, and the mild weather, when entering it you will feel, as if you are in another world full of beauty, its charming nature, it will attract you as it has a moderate climate, landmarks, and wonderful tourist places .

The nature of Mexico

  • If we talk about Mexico, we will find that it has a republican system, governed by the constitution, and it is also a federation, and it is located in North America, and this town contains tropical areas, and other temperate areas, some lands we find characterized by cold in the winter, and some other lands we find have a relative stability in the degree Heat, and this difference is determined according to the altitude of the sea surface, so it is the most diverse climate in the world.
  • And this diversity is not only in the weather, but we also find it in biological diversity, it is characterized by the presence of 200,000 species of different organisms, so it is classified from the most 18 very diverse biodiversity cities, it is home to a large proportion of biological diversity in the world, which makes it ranked first in This field, with 707 known species.
  • Also, Mexico’s ecosystem ranks second in the world, and why not? It possesses approximately 170 thousand square km of nature reserves.
  • If you want to know more about the nature of Mexico then let us go for a tour, a trip to its lands, to the white sandy beaches, and its clear blue waters, at first you can go to the Cancun region, or Cabo San Lucas, they are places known as the most popular in the country And not only that, there are also many tourist places that you can enjoy.
  • Mexico contains heritage sites of great beauty and splendor, it is more than any other town in the Americas, because there are twelve world heritage sites for UNESCO in it, the most famous of which is Chichen Itza.
  • Not only that, but Mexico also contains San Miguel de Allende, in addition to Physico, which is a natural wonder of life, in addition to Michoacan, which is a reserve of royal butterflies.

The right weather to travel to Mexico

  • But let me tell you, dear reader, that the best time to travel to the high northern regions of Mexico is between November and April, when the sun is shining, and the weather is hot. As for the months with cooler are between December and February, but for the rainy season it is in the south between The months of May and October, and you can find the weather more humid, or hotter at this time of year, we can say that Mexico is characterized by a moderate climate.
  • So the period of late spring, and even the early fall season, is the best time to visit Mexico, due to the low prices. As for the big turnout, which is represented by major occasions such as New Years Eve, it is very popular with visitors coming to it.
  • And if you are looking for safe and large transportation, you will find it in Mexico, and it is also distinguished by its cleanliness and respect for appointments, as it has three different grades which are excellent, first, and second.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Mexico

  • Mexico is characterized by many huge tourist places that attract you from the first sight, and among these places the main constitution square called “Zocalo”, and there are more than one building, including the National Cathedral, the City Hall, the National Mortgage Building and the Supreme Court of Justice, in addition to the Palace of the building the National.
  • And if you go there you will find those ancient and ancient buildings surrounding them, which are made up of the remains of the Aztec buildings.
  • During the 17th century BC, the Grand National Palace located in Mexico was built and was the seat of the Spanish ruler at this time. As for the modern era, the President’s offices and other official offices were transferred to it.
  • And if you want to walk in the wide streets full of trees, and is one of the coolest wide streets in the world, you will definitely find this in the direction of the west towards the extension of Mexico City. And these trees extend to Paseo de la Reforma Street.
  • If you like to listen to attractive music concerts, or you like to watch theater and dance programs, you can find them in the Fine Arts Building, which stands in prestige and glory, and faces Juarez Street.
  • And if we talked about the beauty of the building of fine arts, we will find that it was built entirely by using alabaster, so its heavy weight caused it to dive and land on the ground, and you can also find a tower that is one of the tallest buildings and high in Latin America, because it has 44 floors, it is a tower Latin america.
  • One of the distinguishing features of Mexico City is that there is a statue in the middle of each square, and that represents two things for them. As for this statue to commemorate an important event that the state went through, or to commemorate a national hero.

Mexico City

  • When you enter the city you will feel joy and joy, in it there are arenas where celebrations and concerts are held at public events that the town passes, and also we find that it includes 350 different neighborhoods, interspersed with different fields.
  • As for the public square, it is surrounded by many vital social facilities, including public markets, restaurants, theaters, and churches.
  • One of the beautiful things that you can do when you arrive in Mexico is to go to the different parks, and we recommend to you, dear reader, the Alameda Park, and also the Chapelback Park, which is one of the largest parks in the city, and its castle includes two museums, the National Historic and National Anthropology, and in the past the Aztec emperors were able to use it in Several things, as for the park, when you enter it you will immediately feel the beauty of fascinating water fountains, lakes, gardens, and roses, in addition to the presence of a zoo, and other features.
  • That city has soil absorbing water, which causes parts of it to fall, equal to 30 cm per year, and in an attempt to end this problem, they created new buildings, with an armed foundation, and it is worth noting that this city is located at an altitude of 2240 meters.

San Miguel de Allende

  • Upon entering, you will find many of its streets, ancient and antique homes carrying inspiring stories of struggle and the pursuit of independence between the two sides.
  • This part of the city consists of a square, and at least 10 streets branched, which makes you listen to seeing shops, and cafes, when you walk between those streets on your feet.
  • One of the things that will attract you there is that the buildings are stained with colors, such as beige, dark red, and yellow, and you will find huge wooden doors.

We hope that with that information we provided, we have added to you an overview of the beauty and splendor of the various sights and places in the State of Mexico, and do not forget that our article is guided to you, when you go on a trip and a tour to Mexico.


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