India Gate India Gate is one of the most famous tourist places in India, this gate was built in 1921 AD, and its construction ended in 1931 and is located in the center of New Delhi almost.

India Gate in New Delhi

This edifice was built to commemorate the ninety thousand Indian soldiers who died in World War I, the Afghan wars, and many wars in defense of the Indian Empire.
It is 42 meters high designed by Sir William, it is approximately one hundred years old and is written at the top of the gate for this building and in some angles the reason for which this gate was built

India Gate in Delhi

What you can do when you visit India Gate in New Delhi

• Take a tourist tour to get to know the place and the surrounding beauty and splendor and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and see the inscriptions on the gate with the names of soldiers and veterans who sacrificed their lives to preserve the Indian Empire.

India Gate, New Delhi

• If you want to wander near the gate, there are taxis or other vehicles that enable you to move and explore the tourist spots in New Delhi near the India Gate, where the gateway circumference is a favorite relaxation spot for the local people.

India Gate is one of the most important places of tourism in New Delhi

• You can take a group of memorial photos of you across the gate, from several angles, and the beautiful tourist attractions nearby and surrounding the India Gate.

India Gate is one of the most important tourist places in New Delhi

• Attend the celebrations that are held near the gate on holidays such as Independence Day, Army Day and Music Day, where wonderful performances take place and enjoy near the gate with picturesque lights at night.

Hotels near New Delhi India Gate

The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi is a 5-star hotel in India, 1 km from India Gate
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Vivanta by Taj Ambassador is a 5-star hotel in New Delhi, 1.2 km from India Gate in New Delhi
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India Gate website in New Delhi

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