The best country for cheap tourism

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Portugal is the best cheap tourist country

Officially known as the Portuguese Republic, and its capital is the city of Lisbon, with a land area of ​​92,090 km2, and the system of government in it is a parliamentary republic, as the legislative authority is in the hands of the Portuguese Parliament, the Supreme Council is in the hands of the Portuguese Senate, the lower house is in the hands of the Portuguese Parliament, and its national emblem is Union and Freedom, Its official currency is the euro, denominated in EUR, and its cities are: Porto, Funchal, Ceto, Villa Nova de Gaia, Braga, Coimbra, Amadora, Almada, Calvas Cassim and Setubal.

The best tourist areas in Portugal

  • The city of Aveiro, which is characterized by movement, and called the gun of Portugal, due to the beautiful channels that connect with the bridges.
  • Coimbra, known as the charming little town, is home to the oldest universities on the continent of Europe.
  • Madeira, which has many castles, churches, historical resorts and restaurants on its land.
  • The small town of Evora, which dates back more than two thousand years, is located on the southern side of Portugal, specifically on the plains of Alentejo.
  • The Sintra Mountains located on the coast of Lisbon, and has many castles such as: the famous Pena Palace, and castles such as: Neuschwanstein Castle.
  • The Azores Islands, which consists of nine volcanic islands, are located in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and Sao Miguel Island is one of the largest islands in it. The islands are characterized by hot springs and coastal cities.
  • Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, which is located along the bank of the Tagus River near the Atlantic Ocean, and the city contains many Gothic cathedrals, shops, historical monuments, bridges, colorful neighborhoods, and alleyways.
  • Porto, which stretches along the hills overlooking the Douro River, on the northern side of Portugal.
  • Obidos is located on top of the hill on the western side of Portugal in the Centro area.
  • The Algarve has a Mediterranean climate, beautiful towns, picturesque beaches, and historical places.

Portugal’s geographical location

It is located geographically on the southwestern side of the continent of Europe, specifically on the Iberian Peninsula, where it is bordered on the western side and the southern side by the Atlantic Ocean, and bordered on the north and eastern sides by Spain, but its climate is the climate of the Mediterranean.

Portuguese population

With a population of 10,355,824 million people, with a population density of 114 people per square kilometer, according to statistics from 2011, the population speaks the Portuguese language, which is the official language of the country.

Also among the cheapest tourist countries in the world: Tunisia, South Africa, Shanghai in China, Samoa, Bali in Indonesia, Uruguay, Portugal, Taiwan, Romania and Burkina Faso.


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